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                                                                                               Blood & Iron
                                                                            Voices Of Eternity  Pure  Steel Records
Hailing from India we have the very impressive Blood & Iron,they formed in  2005 in Bangalore India, this band play pure metal and "Voices of Eternity" is a sterling effort from a band I wasnt familiar with, mean when I think of India I think of Food and heat, not a classic sounding metal behemoth that Blood & Iron clearly are. The band is made up of a drummer, and two guitarists and invited musicans.

Guest appearances include , Giles Lavery from Australian band DRAGONSCLAW, Youmni from the Dubai band ASCENDANT, Vin Nair who is also from Dubai and plays with VIN SINNERS and lastly Riju “Dr. Hex” from the Mumbai band, ALBATROSS.
Check out  all of these bands as I can tell you they all rock!!!
Blood & Iron  wear their hearts on their sleeves and are influenced by Judas Priest, Fates Warning and  Queensryche , what you have here is a proper Heavy Metal album.


 "Voices of Eternity" is  the bands third  offering to the world of Metal,  you  get  two vocalists sharing the vocal duties and some shattering riffs and solos from lead  guitarists Ashish Shetty and Vikram Bains as well as some mean drumming from Praveen, the nine tracks all deliver . First track  "Eternal Rites" opens slowly, then sees the band move through the gears to present  an impressive song which really makes you sit up and take notice, and want to delve deeper into the album..

 Next you get a gentle opening like the first song, "Your  Own Voice" is melodic and slow at first as it washes over you then opens up its heart, it has some mean  lead guitar musicanship  as these Indians make their guitars sing.
 "Legion" is one of my  real   favourites on the album, as is the Powerful "Burning Bridges" this is a true Metal Meltdown, scorching the earth with a heavy , fast delivery.


I think its a shame the band are based in India as they truly have a gift,they deserve to be heard and seen shredding into the night,  their work is  powerful and absorbing . There is an interview on the website as well check it out!
Review: Seb Di Gatto
1. Eternal Rites
2.Your own Voice
5.Underground Rebellion
6.Ghost 0f A Memory
7.Path Not Taken
8.Burning Bridges
9.Redemption Day

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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