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                                                                            Blood Incantation

                                                                  Title: Hidden History of the Human Race

                                                                  Label: Century Media Records

                                                                  Release Date:22nd November 2019    

Colorado’s Blood Incantation return after three years with “Hidden History of the Human Race” a brutal unrelenting mind fuck of an Album that’s going to tear you a new one with its savage intentions. Right from the opening salvo of “Slave Species of the gods” the face-melting solos from Riedl and Kolontyrsky decimate your brain cells as the Bass thunders and smashes into your being with its unequivocal force is as dangerous as a wounded snake in a lake of fire.

Isaac Faulk decimates his Drum kit as he drums like a demon on amphetamine as the ferocious start to “The Giza Power Plant” takes a hold, then the track becomes a psychedelic middle eastern carpet ride of doom infused delirium, impressive, aggressive and absolute insanity takes a hold as the guys show their ability to tangle and strangle you with their different styles and techniques no more so than on this number.


Up next we get “Inner Paths (to outer space)” a melodic journey into the outer reaches of space its innovative vibes and moments of calm before the storm will surprise you as this track prepares you for the eighteen-minute monster that’s due to be unleashed  as “Awakening From the Dream of  Existence to the Multidimensional Nature of Our Reality (Mirror of the Soul)” a true master class in Death Metal, this has everything death-defying extremity’s to doom-laden riffs, barren windswept Alien lands to a somber Acoustic Guitar, these guys have pulled off a masterpiece with this ending.  


“Hidden History of the Human Race” is both a meditative inquiry on the Mystery & Nature of human consciousness and a dynamic foray into the realms of Progressive, Brutal & Atmospheric Death Metal, as revealed by BLOOD INCANTATION


Review: Seb Di Gatto       Score: 10/10




1. Slave Species of the Gods  

2. The Giza Power Plant

3. Inner Paths (to Outer Space)

4. Awakening From the Dream of  Existence to the Multidimensional Nature  of Our Reality (Mirror of the Soul)


Line-Up: Paul Riedl - Guitars, Vocals Morris Kolontyrsky - Guitars Jeff Barrett - Fretless Bass Isaac Faulk - Drums




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The Metal Gods Meltdown

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