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                                                                                                              Blood On The Dancefloor
                                                                                                   Title: The Anthem Of The Outcast
                                                                                                   Label: Eastworld 

Blood on The Dance Floor are a highly provocative, and notorious electro-pop duo from Phoenix, Arizona.  The band came into being four years ago and have released three full length albums on their own.  They have an intense and very loyal following. 

'The Calling' is a keyboard led introduction which I quite like (unusual for me as I am not really a huge fan of keyboards), when used in the right context yeah, they can rock and 'The Calling' builds up to a nice crescendo, then 'The Comeback' pounds out of your sound system. 

This is a very catchy and melodic metal core introduction to Blood on The Dance Floor.  If like me, you hadn’t heard their work before, this is not traditional Metal in any way, shape or form, but if you are a fan of Nine Inch Nails, Silent Descent, then you won’t fail but to be impressed by 'The Comeback'.


Next we get many "whoa, whoa, whoa’s" and we fly into the title track 'The Anthem of The Outcast', this is an enjoyable track which gets into your head and stays there.  'Hell on Wheels' continues to keep your attention.  I am surprised how much I am enjoying the album, four tracks in and yeah it’s not bad.  'Your Sorry Life' has some excellent, intelligent lyrics and really works and creeps into your senses.  It’s a poppy number that would probably never be played on mainstream radio, but should be! 

'Worlds Away' is a slowed down number and like 'Your Sorry Life', is a track that maybe would make the charts, (currently full of talentless manufactured bands), possibly listenable, as there is no doubt this band have an instantly likeable sound and  bags of talent, they have grown via the internet and have a huge following worldwide. 


'Don’t Want To Be Like You' is an acoustic ballad with violins and is insanely cool and cracking.  Next we get the radio edit of 'Anthem of The Outcast', which I can’t see the point of being included on here again, but anyway.  'Clubbed to Death' is where they lose my interest I am afraid, I hate club music in any way or form.  I can cope with some trance metal bands like Silent Descent, but this is off! Can’t stand it, it makes me want to be violently sick and tear my ears off! As does the next track 'Unforgiving', not my cup of Jager I am afraid. 


'Deep Within' also did not last very long on my stereo.  It sounded like a confused Eminem, (a very poor one), mid-way through.  The album finishes with 'Where’s My Wonderland', which like the start of the album is very good.  It’s a shame they had three ”too techno“ tracks near the end of a fairly enjoyable album, from a Metalheads point of view. 

Dahvie and Jay are very visual, larger-than-life personalities, but it really comes across that their vocal abilities aren’t unique, but they carry it off and get away with what is an okay album for this reviewer. 


Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. The Calling
2. The Comeback
3. The Anthem Of The Outcast
4. Hell On Heels (Givin' In To Sin)
5. Your Sorry Life
6. Worlds Away
7. Don't Want To Be Like You
8. Anthem Of The Outcast
9. Unforgiven
10. Clubbed To Death
11. Deep Within
12. Where's My Wonderland 

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