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                                                                                         BornBroken  Interview   26/04/2018


MM: Congratulations on "The Years of Harsh truths and little lies" how pleased are you with the finished product.


BB: Hey y’all this is Mike Decker from BornBroken. First of all thank you for taking the time to interview us. All support for unsigned music is a very humbling experience. Now... we are very pleased with the final result for our sophomore release. We went through a lot in the past five years but made it through the other side with this!


MM: That’s a hell of a title has it really been that shit these past years ??


BB:  Has it been that good? I don’t know why people try and bury their heads in the sand and go lalala to block out the screams from the world. We work and work for what? To get taxed to death? So the so called powers that may be can squalor all of our resources? What will be left for our kids while we fight each day to mentally and physically keep on the right track? This is our take on what we have seen.


MM: Which two songs would you play me from the new album if I was a totally new to BornBroken ?


BB: I would play you the title track and single “The Years of Harsh Truths and Little Lies” and let you pick the second as each song has its own unique personality.


MM: Which is your favourite song on the album today and why?


BB: That’s like asking me, which kid do I love more? Everything I write is a piece of me that I’m letting go into the world and grow into its own. Every song had a meaning and purpose when it was written. A feeling that I live every time I hear it.


MM: What does 2018 hold in store for Bornbroken


BB: I would love to be able to tell you a glorious story of grand tours& fighting dragons, but the reality is we will do whatever we have to get our music and live shows out to the fans across the country. It may take time, but to an unsigned band, time is not an issue.


MM: What can we expect from you guys live?


BB: We always give everything we got and always have. I have been playing live since 91’ and always felt at one with the stage. So I make sure to leave nothing behind as I’m playing for the fans as much as I am for me. It’s a healing process to play music.


MM: How is the Metal Scene in Canada ?


BB: The metal scene is great! Big and wide open for the taking. It’s a lot more accepting, but also saturated, which can make it hard to be heard and easily overlooked. This is why videos and merchandise are very important to us. The image is as just as important as the music.


MM: Which two Heavy Metal Albums would you play me to introduce me to the Metal Scene


BB: Seeing as the word “metal” is very vague now with so many sub categories and all of us having different influences/likes in the band lets go with;


Metallica: Master of puppets

Slayer: Reign in Blood


MM: Can you remember your first time you ever played live and how it felt to have people watching you?


BB: Even though I was playing guitar from a young age, it was while I was in a high school talent show.  The sound of the amps fully cranked and the screaming kids in the audience that made me feel this is what I wanted to do. The power and the feel were very soothing. It was also very cool to be able to make others feel something from what I created.


MM :  What's the most memorable concert you've been to (other than your own) and why?


BB: Dyamo festival 97’ Holland. I was also on the bill, but it was one of the biggest festivals I have seen and at 23 was another reason why I still play music and pursue the dream. With the likes of Korn, Testament, Machine Head, Marilyn Manson, the list goes on why this left an impression.


MM : Is there a song written by someone else that you love and wish you'd been the one to write?


BB: Well all of my influences are songs I wish I would have written and seeing as I have been doing this for over 25 years there’s a lot.


MM: What one possession could you not live without right now?


BB: Good question, most would say my iPhone as I’m always online. I love the fact I got everything at my fingertips, I’m currently writing the interview on it. People say I have A.R.S.  “Animated Rectangular Syndrome” hahaha


MM: If you could choose any three bands to tour / share a stage with, who would they be?


BB: We really just want to record/tour and make a living with it, so any and all bands we play with is always an honour and a pleasure.


MM: Tell me why we should buy “The Years of Harsh Truths and Little Lies”


BB: Every band has been or is where we are right now.  So any support is amazing and welcomed. We pour everything we have into these releases. The time, the money, the passion is all real and we don’t just record these for them to not be listened to. But again music is subjective to the listener and if you don’t like it, don’t listen, just move on to the next.


MM: Four Words to describe BornBroken


BB: No holds barred aggression


MM: Quick Fire Round

1. Festival or Small intimate gig

BB: Festival

2. Vinyl or Digital

BB: Digital

3. Maple Syrup or Beer

BB: I’m sober 14 years so maple syrup

4. Moose or Beaver

BB: Moose

5. Donald Trump or Justin Trudeau

BB: let’s meet in the middle on this. I’m not happy with most political parties.

6. Ice Hockey or Soccer

BB: Hockey “GoHabsGo”


Final Words for your fans and our readers


BB: We are metal heads just like you, and only want the scene to continue. We would love the fact for you guys to like our videos and our music, but most of all that you listen to metal! Thanks again for taking the time to read this and thank you to metal meltdown for their dedication to the scene!!! Keep it real

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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