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German Power Metal Masters Brainstorm are Andy B Franck - Vocals, Torsten Ihlenfeld - Guitar, Milan Loncaric - Guitar, Antonio Leva - Bass and Dieter Bernert - Drums.  They are known for a darker style of music than most of their P M contemporaries.  They have created a very accomplished body of work here. 

This is their ninth album and it has reportedly gone into the German album charts at 59.


'Below The Line' is dramatic, majestic, a slow and tempered guitar passage introducing angelic choral work, building into a stylish piece, operatic in style, then with soaring vocals and thundering instrumentals, creating an atmosphere of tension and menace.  What a truly fitting opener to this album.


'In The Blink Of An Eye' is fast paced and relentless, with guitar riffs and drum beats like machine gun fire.  This song is perfect for letting go and moving to, getting lost in the music.

'Temple of Stone' is a mighty powerhouse of a song, enhanced by Andy B. Franck ‘s powerful and compelling vocals.  'In These Walls' has a slow and stylish intro, followed by dark and menacing low key vocals, then an explosion of a musical charge that elevates this to true greatness and stirs the emotions.  


This is a wonderful song, 'Still Insane'.  This is a teutonic epic.  A wondrous piece.  It made me stop dead and listen in awe until it had finished.  It is simply magnificent.

'Dark Life' / 'No Saint No Sinner' / 'Where Your Actions Lead You To Live', these songs continue the rich feast of metal musical offerings.  What can I say, they are all really great.


'A Life On Hold' is brilliant. These guys sound like they are singing and playing for their very lives!!!  'My Own Hell' - with this song I needed to listen a fair few times.  Don’t get me wrong it was awesome, but so rich and complex that I needed time to appreciate all it contained.  It left me lost for words, which doesn’t usually happen.  Just listen and you will see what I mean.

Brainstorm have everything going for them.  They are a mighty force in metal, true veteran’s in their chosen field and have the commendations to prove it.  This album is simply magnificent.  Every song is great.  Every aspect of their performance is absolute perfection.  Listen to this album, you will be missing something truly great if you don’t.  It is simply a must!! 

Review by: Alison Bear




1. Below The Line
2. In The Blink Of An Eye
3. Temple Of Stone
4. In These Walls
5. Still Insane
6. Dark Life
7. No Sinner - No Saint
8. Where Your Actions Lead You To Live
9. A Life On Hold
10. My Own Hell

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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