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                                                                                  Brimstone Coven    

                                                                        Brimstone Coven    Metal Blade

If you love Psychedelic doom rock then you are in for a treat, Brimstone Coven hail from Wheeling, West Virginia and this is in fact the bands third release but their debut on the mighty Metal Blade records.


The album is over an hour long and has everything from Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath  to New Wave of British Heavy Metal influences. The album has initially ten tracks and then added to the opus are a final seven tracks which  are taken from the bands earlier work and  they fit in really well , for a full blown retro feel of  epic proportions .


So sit back light some candles and let Brimstone Coven wash over you, and here are some highlights of this work of art, talking of art, the albums cover is eye-catching absorbing and really draws you in. Opening with a doom laden feel “Cosmic Communion” oozes Black Sabbath “Master of Reality” and really would not have been out of place on the fathers of Heavy Metal’s earlier work.


 My favourite track without a doubt is “Behold the Anunnaki” it crawls into your mind and oozes into your skin,it’s intriguing , will have you humming and singing the chorus in no time at all, to summon  forth the ancient deities. 


The band really step into space age time zones with “The Black Door” this is best played at full volume with  the bass booming and thudding into the room , transporting you to other worlds.

Digging deep into the recesses of your mind and taking hold  “The Grave” twists and turns into something spectacular, its earthy,and doom tastic .

Further on you get taken to “The Séance” contacting the dead and playing tricks in your head with some meaty hooks and retro inspired riffs this song ends to then be transmuted into “Hades Hymn”, rain and organ music are the order for one and half minutes leading to the final track on the “actual”  album  the mesmerizing and captivating “The Folly of Faust” proceeds to take you on a trippy journey  to end the first part of  the release.


We go back in time a bit and revisit the bands earlier releases it all fits in perfectly and works really well. “Son of the Morning” is the stand out track for me on this part of the album, it sends shivers up your spine  and invigorates your whole being.  

The whole album doesn’t have any fillers on it and is a rewarding and absorbing listen to return time after time to and fully enjoy, keep an eye out for this coven of rockers they will draw you in, and bewitch you with their retro and  addictive tunes.



Review By Seb Di Gatto


Track Listing                    

01. Cosmic Communion
02. Behold, The Anunnaki
03. The Black Door
04. Blood On The Wall
05. The Grave
06. Lord And Master
07. Vying
08. The Séance
09. Hades Hymn
10. The Folly Of Faust

11.Intro (Bonus Track)

12.We are forever (Bonus Track)

13.The Ancients (Bonus Track)

14.Son of The Morning (Bonus Track)

15.Lost in The Odyssey (Bonus Track)

16.Children of the sun (Bonus Track)

17.Outro(  Bonus Track)




The Metal Gods Meltdown

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