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                                                                                                   Buffalo Summer

                                                                                                   Title: Desolation Blue

                                                                                                   Label: Silver Lining Music

                                                                                                   Release Date: 27th March 2020

The third Album from South Wales Rockers Buffalo Summer is about to hit the shelves and is a truly monumental release from this four piece.

Fronted by Andrew Hunt (Vocals), Jonny Williams (Guitar), Darren King (Bass) and Gareth Hunt (Drums) this insanely addictive Album is destined to bring Classic Blues inspired Rock back to the masses.

Sounding like the bastard child of Pearl Jam mixed in with Rival Sons, Black Stone Cherry and a smattering of early Aerosmith you come up with “Desolation Blue” a catchy Blues infused rocking platter to let your hair down dance on tables and party on down!!  


“The Power and the Greed” opens proceedings a groovetastic rocking start to a sassy Bluesy induced Anthem to start off this spellbinding work from Wales finest. Andrew Hunt has a wonderful voice that just takes you away on this mystical carpet ride of aural pleasure as“Hit the Ground Running” kicks open the door and deliver some Southern Blues and classy hooks to get you grooving and jumping around the room, Hell Yeah! 

The killer “If Walls could speak” is up next a badass laden rocker which leads into “The Mirror” with its insightful lyrics and vibes wrapping itself around you and like all the songs on here has you singing along in no time. The guys carry on bringing that Classic Rock sound to you as “When you walk away” kicks in, it's full on tuneage that just doesn't let up as we come to my favorite part of this release the excellent “Last to know” is phenomenal with the added bonus of Peter Buck from REM featuring and Emma Bryden making an appearance this catchy track is awesome which needs to be heard and played on National Radio, the lyrics and delivery hit a nerve with this reviewer and has had me singing along countless times upsetting the Neighbours.


Then the piece de resistance “Dark Valentine”  is a  down by the bayou hard-rocking fest, its grooves and flair dig deep into your heart, this is downtrodden blues at its best and rip roaringly perfect as the Guitar solo decimates and rocks the soul. “Deep Water” brings a tsunami of hard-hitting tones and heavy hitting Blues as you continue to party with these boys from the Valleys. The foot thumping partying anthem “Everybody’s out for number one” is a track that must be played live, its vibes and stomping beats will have venues bouncing. “Untouchable” is a heads-down rocker that speeds along at warp speed. The final two tracks “The Bitter End” and “Pilot Light” let you catch your breath with their melodious tones, both songs have so many layers, a magnificent end to “Desolation Blue”.


In these uncertain, I suggest times you go and get a hold of this work of art it will lift your spirits and have you singing yourself hoarse in no time.

This opus is Classic Rock N Roll guaranteed to have you singing and dancing all night and day...IT RAWKS!


Review: Seb Di Gatto    Score: 8.5/10           Facebook

Reviewed: 20/3/20


1.The Power & The Greed
2.Hit the Ground Running
3.If Walls Could Speak
4.The Mirror
5.When You Walk Away
6.Last to Know
7.Dark Valentine
8.Deep Water
9.Everybody’s Out for Number 1
11.The Bitter End
12.Pilot Light

Buffalo Summer is:
Andrew Hunt – Vocals 
Jonny Williams – Guitar 
Darren King – Bass 
Gareth Hunt – Drums                                        Interview

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