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                                                                                                               Title:Ice Age

                                                                                                                            Label: Melodic Rock Records  

                                                                                                               Release date: 6th April, 2018

Burn have been away from the Melodic Rock scene for ten years and have returned with "Ice Age" it’s an Album full to the brim of uplifting, brash hard rocking delirium.  Opening with "Global Warning"  the Band deliver a steely build up with this  intro, as the Keyboards , Bass, Guitar ,Drums  lead into "Irontown" and the Vocal might of Steve Newman, this is a huge  opener that  will see your jaw drop wide open, as the guys have recruited Chris Green (Tyketto, Furyon, Rubicon Cross) on Lead Guitar, the riffs are heavenly and will be a Guitar fans wet dream as Green flays the strings all the way through this platter, this first song took me a while to get past if am honest it’s a hell of a start to a strong return from these Melodic Rock aficionados.

I Am so taken with Steve Newman’s Vocals, they are tremendous on every level throughout this release ,you will be singing along in no time as "Irontown" rocks your soul, this would have been huge back in the 80s and would have been on constant rotation on MTV back in the day. The powerful "Jealousy" and "Hate “steps up some gears, both will have you dancing and shaking your booty, the sound is huge, and they will leave you partying into the night.


 "Sink Together" is a highlight on here with its gentle key board led opening it builds into a momentous anthem its huge as the keyboards open this track it builds into something extraordinary with its thumping Bass, Power house Drumming and massive Guitar wizardry provide a solid setting for Steve Newman’s voice to really impress and leave you spellbound.

Next up we get the gentle and mellow "The Girl Who Wanted Everything" it’s full of character and like previously stated this would have gotten on to MTV no doubt about it!

The band return full throttle with “Live Again" this is a full-on head spinning rocker. “Wasteland” is a ballad that has your heart strings stretched and pulled its melodious feel and rendition will touch even the hardest of hearts.


Fuck yeah, the Guitars are made to bleed and indeed sees them weep on "Love Song" Horns up dudes these Rockers deliver some blistering Metal moments on this chunky tune, who says Melodic Rock can’t blister and burn! Hell yeah!

"20/20" continues to see the band kick out some more heavier riffs the line "I love my wife, but she kisses like my Mother" is hilarious, what a tune! and lyrically it will hit home (apart from the mother bit!!).

"Punishment of Lust" and "Payback" continue the pure rock extravaganza it pounds and shakes the substrata.

Final track is the Album title "Ice Age" is gigantic as well as thought provoking, it’s a remarkable song to end a splendid release.


While Burn aren’t gonna to change the world "Ice Age" is an excellent Album and with Summer fast approaching this is the kind of Disc to have blasting out as you travel down the highways and byways, it’s a pure belting Hard Rocking master class that should send massive waves of exhilaration across the Rock world!


Review: Seb Di Gatto     Score:8.5/10         Facebook Website

Reviewed: 16/2/18                                                                                                                  



Track listing

1. Global Warning

2. Irontown

3. Jealousy

4. Hate

5. Sink Together

6. The Girl Who Wanted Everything

7. Live Again

8. Wasteland

9. Love Song

10. 20/20

11. Punishment Of Lust

12. Payback

13. Ice Age




Barney Stackhouse (Keyboards)

Marc Stackhouse  (Bass)

Phil Hammond       (Guitar)

Steve Newman    (Vocals)

Chris Green            (Lead Guitar )


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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