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                                                                                                                Beneath Abyss
                                                                                        Label: Inverse Records   Release Date :16 Th February
Hailing from Greece Calestia are a Female fronted Melodic Death Metal Band and "Beneath Abyss" is the Bands  Debut.

This is a sterling effort from these Hellenic Metallers! If Operatic Metal is your bag this album will appeal ,I have had the album a while and its really grown on me, although there are many bands who do this form of Metal these days , its not often  a band in this genre really grabs your attention , and with out a doubt Caelestia do just that!

"Beneath Abyss" features guest appearances by many Greek Musicians such as Drummers Kostas Savvidis (Ex Nightfall),Nick Yngve (W.E.B) , Vocalist Andrew Geo (Alter Self) and International Stars Vocalist Bjorn “Speed” Strid from SOILWORK and drummer Markus Freiwald from SODOM.
Opening with "Malleus Maleficarum" the longest track on here running over seven minutes,  its bursting full of Choirs , growls and the delightful tones of lead singer Dimitra Vintsou's mix in well, The choir in the background are a crucial addition to the songs haunting and celestial tones , with some heavy guitarmanship its a strong opener.


"Gate of Shadows" continues to impress , the growls  with Vintsous operatic delivery have won this reviewer over, this is another long track that will please and win over many many new fans am sure, with intelligent lyrics and top notch musicianship you cant go wrong, lets have a tour in the UK with Nightfall, Rotting Christ and Calestia Please!! there are a couple of instrumentals on here that work well with the lay out of "Beneath Abyss" "The Grand Sublimation" follows on from "Gate of Shadows" its a haunting and atmospheric piece which then leads into "Blessing Tragedy" which features (Bjorn "Speed" Strid Soilwork)  its a frenzied , punching number which is then followed by the main highlight on here,the title track ,its heavy bad ass delivery crosses into some hellish riffs with Guest Vocalist Andrew Geo taking up the mantle on vocals with Vinstsous, its a brutal number crossing between Symphonic Metal into thrashing Death Metal Majesty! "Mi Ultima Vida" has a addictive tone and the chorus seeps into your head and sticks there, as the song plays itself out.


"Secret Rite" has the immense drumming talents of  Markus Friewald   laying waste to the skins on "Secret Rite" the vocals seem a bit different on here very sinister and unnerving, listen on a dark night while walking through the blackest deepest woods in Transylvania I  dare ya!

"Silent Despair" is the second instrumental and kind of sees you in the aforementioned woods running for your life! its dramatic , your heart will burst out of your ribcage!

"Lake of Decay" is a brooding , deep number that leads to the final song  "The Rise of The Hidden Nature" is pure ear candy for fans of this genre of Metal its an epic finish to a Excellent debut, I look forward to hearing more from Calestia.


Review : Seb Di Gatto     Score: 8.5           Facebook      Website             

01. Malleus Maleficarum
02. Gate of Shadows
03. The Grand Sublimation
04. Blessing of tragedy (feat Björn “Speed” Strid - Soilword)
05. Beneath Abyss (feat Andrew Geo - ALTER SELF)
06. Mi Ultima Vida
07. Secret Rite (feat Markus Freiwald - SODOM)
08. Silent Despair
09. Lake Of Decay
10. The Rise Of The Hidden Nature

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