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                                                                                                          Ancient Evil

                                                                                                          Label:Sweden Music Group 

                                                                                                          Release Date:23.10.2015   

“Ancient Evil” is the Seventh Album from San Diego-based Metallists Cage.

Its an 80 minute Horror Story adventure that requires you to light some candles and let this 80 minute monster delve deep into your mind as this tale of terror unfolds  , fronted by the charismatic and glass shattering vocal talent that is Sean Peck.

This story which Sean himself wrote as a horror novel is transformed into a Metal extravaganza that features none other than Blaze Bayley narrating the story in between the delirious powerful Metal Meltdown!


This monster has 19 tracks so rather than go through every track I will highlight some ,and leave the rest for you to discover and delight in.

Opening with a creepy introduction that leads to the title track which is a  full on ,heads down ,neck destroying insanity with Sean Peck's unmistakable vocals , drums are flayed alive by Sean“The Thrash Machine” Elg, Guitars are shredded by Dave “Conan” Garcia and Casey”The Sentinel” Trask there are deep deathly tones from Bassist Alex Pickard , it’s a helluva introduction for what is to become well over an hours treat for your ears   your blood is pumping so fast your head will spin!


"The Procedure” was the first track  from the release to be featured in video, in fact it was more like a mini film and  a must see , a must listen too with the chugging guitars and top shelf vocals.

Pecks story telling has you completely hooked as you progress though this opus, jumping forward to "“Cassandra”" the drumming batters your being and this track sends shivers up your spine as the story continues to un fold , the adventure just doesn't seem to stop and the interspersed narratives are well worked out and not over done and compliment the album well, Allister is a central figure in the story and gets mentioned obviously a fair few times as you move further into the story.


“The Expedition"” sees the guitarists trading off some stunning riff's and the way the track slows midway through sees Peck delivering some truly outstanding vocals and lyrics that really take you onto the aforementioned "Expedition” it has you fully transfixed.

 Highlight on here with out a doubt is “Across The Sea of Madness” it is a track I kept returning to on first listen,  with the dramatic narrative that builds up before the track opens on “Beholder”, it’s a classic powerful number with a dynamic performance from the frontman switching from roaring screams to deep ominous low growls it is one of the best songs I have ever heard from Cage.


The longest tracks on here like the divine "Symphony of Sin” will have  you dancing with the Devil and marching with the damned, it’s a massive track with an eerie choral effect that gives you goose bumps and makes you feel uneasy , pour another dram of whiskey and light a few more candles!

“Tomorrow Never Came" is the penultimate song running to nearly seven minutes it's expertly written and envelops the listener in its chilling  embrace. I would say this is the Best Cage album to date and one that I hope will get picked up , listened to , appreciated properly by reviewers and listeners.


Review:Seb Di Gatto  Score :10/10                   Facebook     Website

01. There Were Others
02. Ancient Evil
03. Behind The Walls Of Newgate
04. The Procedure
05. The Appetite
06. Cassandra
07. Blinded By Rage
08. Tell Me Everything
09. The Expedition
10. Beholder
11. I Have Awakened
12. Across The Sea Of Madness
13. To Save Love
14. Christ Protect Me
15. Sinister Six
16. Symphony Of Sin
17. The Antidote
18. Tomorrow Never Came
19. It Can't Be
Dave Garcia - Guitars
Sean Peck - Vocals
Sean Elg - Drums
Casey “The Sentinel" Trask - Guitars
Alex "The Captain" Pickard - Bass























The Metal Gods Meltdown

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