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                                                                                                      Title: Warrior
                                                                                                      Label: Sleaszy Rider
                                                                                                      Release Date: 7th August 2020
"Warrior" is the killer new record from Carl Canedy the esteemed Drummer of The Rods, early Manowar, and producer for Artists Anthrax, Helstar, and Exciter to name a few. Having got rave reviews for their debut "Brotherhood of Metal" this new Album drags classic Metal kicking and screaming into the twenty-first century with more bite than pissed a of Doberman with COVID-19 this release rocks the proverbial socks off and seriously rolls!
With Canedy thumping the Drums, Mike Santarsieros Vocals with the thumping Bass of Garuba and Guitarist Russelo on Guitars/Synth you are in for a hell of a rollercoaster ride of traditional Metal to please your ears and ignite your soul.
From the opening barrage, you know Canedy mean business as "Do it Now" opens with pummelling Drums, grinding hypnotic Guitar manship that's just the start as Santarsiero unveils those mighty Vocals. This is a hellish opener and sets out the standard for the rest of this opus.
"Not Even Love"  has seen me singing along a few times on the tube..oops! its melodious Metal drenched feel delivers the goods this is pure Metallicous ear candy and an exemplary number from these veterans of this genre of music we all so love and adore.

It's rocking all the way with   "Lies" if ya ain't moving ya body and punching the air as this song blasts outta ya system you must be dead! its sublime guitars and a solid backbeat will have you grooving into the night..guaranteed.
The power-strewn Metal continues with one of my many favorites off the Album "Hellride".  A towering number with Bassist Tony Garuba taking up Vocal duties and giving 110%, as a Vocalist, he is one of the unsung heroes of the scene without a doubt, this is a rollercoaster ride and has you gripping tight to the bars as it goes through its different moves. the title track is up next "Warrior"  a full-scale anthem a statement of intent that pounds and shakes the world with its intent. 
This work of art continues to impress as with "3rd Times A charm" and the  feel of "In This Sign" rock up and continue to kick ya ass as does the next song, it will have you causing havoc with your air guitar and banging your head as you go "Out For Blood"

Things slow down for the deep and meaningful "The Prize" simply immense and intense, love it.  "Warrior" closes with "Attia" another slice of Classic Heavy Metal to leave you begging for more!
I have really enjoyed listening to this platter on my long journeys to work in these uncertain times, its been a bright light in a world of dread, fear and worry..thank you, Canedy, this ten-track monster fires on all cylinders and rocks you to the core!


Review: Seb Di Gatto         Score:9/10
Reviewed: Seb Di Gatto

01. Do It Now
02. Not Even Love
03. Lies
04. Hellride
05. Warrior
06. 3rd Times A Charm
07. In This Sign
08. Out For Blood
09. The Prize
10. Attia

Carl Canedy – Drums
Mike Santarsiero - Vocals
Tony Garuba – Bass / Vocals / Cello
Charlie Russelo – Guitars / Synth

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