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                                                                                                                The Monster in me

                                                                                                                Label: Darkside Records

                                                                                                                Release Date:26th April 2019

Carthagods from Tunisia are due to release “The Monster in me”  which is an impressive  head banging progressive mammoth of eight tracks to please every one who loves metal in all its many forms this release is a must have believe me! From the opening salvo with “Whispers from the wicked” you will find yourself addicted and stretching your neck muscles and showing those horns, yeah this is one helluva powerful opening track. Led by the powerful Vocals of Mahdi Khema these North Africans continue to captivate you with the massive title track “The Monster in Me” this is simply sublime and a stirring track of immense proportions as the rhythm section of  Yessine Belgith on Bass and Aymen Ben Hamed on Drums lay waste to your soul, this is a dramatic tune and the video that accompanies it is spell blinding. Destined to be a favourite live we have the excellent “Rebirth” with its opening and chugging guitars courtesy of Tarak Ben Sassi and Timo Somers the lyrical context is true of the sorry state of the world we live in and has you singing along in no time at all, as this tune continues to assault the senses with some delicious guitar mastery and full force of Metal delirium.


The next track “Rebirth” builds into something heroic and special the pace is slowed down abit and fully shows the Bands skills this is unique, captivating and glorious, this song gives you goose bumps play this number damn loud and proud! Another stirring slice of powerful melodic Metal follows with “A Last Sigh “with Madhi Khema again showing the full force of his impressive Vocals. The speed and ferocity is brought back up as “Cry out for the land” batters you sensesless with its chugging guitars and massive Drum and Bass foundation holding you in absolute awe!

I think my second fave on here has to be the simply stunning and progtastic  “Memories of a never ending pain” its so monumental and alluring and has you mesmerized as its tones flow into the room. This “Monster” of an Album comes to a close with an orchestral version of “Rebirth” a truly epic end to an absolute amazing work of art from these Tunisians.


Its simply no wonder these guys have toured with the likes of Judas Priest, Epica, Dark Tranquillity, Blind Guardian, Anathema, Battle Beast, Mayan … and also been joined on stage by Legends like Max Cavalera , Paul Di Anno , Tim Ripper Owens , Kiko Loureiro , Ron Bumblefoot Thal , Mark Jansen and many more ..

Surely this platter will put them on the map and see them gaining greater heights as I cant get enough of this Album it’s a stellar release and probably one of the best progressive metal releases you will hear in many a year. This is ground breaking and really fucking special..


Review: Seb Di Gatto        Score:9.5/10

Reviewed:20.04.19                                                Facebook


1.Whispers from the wicked

2.Monster in me

3.The Devils Dolls

4.The Rebirth

5.A Last Sigh

6.Cry out for the land

7.Memories of never ending pains

8.The Rebirth (Orchestral)


Band Line up:

Mahdi Khema : Vocals

Tarak Ben Sassi : Guitar

Aymen Ben Hamed : Drums

Yessine Belghith : Bass

Timo Somers : Lead Guitar

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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