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Carved have delivered a debut album that is not only impressive, it’s captivating and riveting. These Italian metallers convey melodic Death Metal and first raised their heads above the Metal parapet in 2010, with their three track EP, this was welcomed into the scene with relish, and attracted the attention of  many International extreme Metal zines the world over. 


The album opens with a dark and brooding instrumental which is really effective, and draws you into the album as 'Echo of My Cinderella' has you transfixed as the captivating female vocals opens up then transcends into brutality as vocalist Cristian Guzzon, takes you through Melodic moments of extreme metal rapture.  'Echo The Silence' opens with drummer Giulio Assente effective and killer beats as you are drawn into the 'Echo The Silence'.  Guitar strings are stretched and fantastic musicianship is delivered by Alessio Rossano, Damiano Terzoni on guitars, Lorenzo Nicoli on bass and Guzzons vocals really grab you deep in the pit of your stomach. The keyboards played by Matti Nuti intertwine and weave throughout this opus and really come to prominence on this track and the next one. The keyboards are deftly worked and compliment the bands insanely intense sound.   


'Scripta Manenta' (Bullshit) is a tune to play when you are really annoyed with the world as Guzzon repeats “Bullshit” “Bullshit”, then you gets some orchestral metal going, drumming from Beelzebub’s locker and solos to melt the ice caps!! TURN IT UP DAMN LOUD!!! Scare the neighbours and the local wildlife! 


Heroic, beautiful and melodious melody’s open the 'Perfect Storm' which slowly erupts, with powerhouse drumming to destroy and annihilate as the tsunami of metal envelopes you, this is superb.  It is violent, brutal, yet alluring and bewitching number.  'At the Gates of Ice' features a female vocalist again and it really works well, and is something the band should maybe consider on future releases.  The two complement each other well and it is a crashing, thundering, absorbing and outstanding song. 


'Ashes of a Scar' is malicious, pernicious, and the deathly growls, seek you out, to annihilate and it doesn’t stop!! As the longest track on here 'Black Lilly of Darkness', it's menacing and brutal, surprisingly mid-way through it takes a progressive turn then it’s back with the pedal glued to the metal.  Epic is a word I try not to use to much but this is 'Epic'! 


The album finishes as it started with an instrumental, for you to chill out for a bit and then start again! This is a formidable album from these Italians and you really will want more, and to keep going back to tracks as I found I did, before you explore more of this album.  On 'Dies Irae' you will find there is everything you could ever want from a Melodic Death Metal band.  It's symphonic, melodic, with huge riffs and powerful and enchanting classical passages.

Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. Dies Irae (Praeldium)2. Echo Of My Cinderella (The Final Symphony3. Enter The Silence4. Scripta Manent (Bullshit)5. The Perfect Storm6. At The Gates Of Ice7. Ashes of A Scar8. Black Lily Of Darkness9. A New World (Postlundium)

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