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I                                                                                                          Casablanca
                                                                                                           Miskatonic Graffiti
                                                                                                           Label: Despotz Records
                                                                                                           Release Date: 25th September
The first time I came across Casablanca was a  few years back when a friend gave me their album “"Riding The Black Swan”" which kind of got played and err forgotten about I am ashamed to say! Fast forward to today  and  Casablanca are back on my radar and this time I can tell you I will not be forgetting them , their third Album is a tasty and absorbing concept album played out in three parts.

Like most concept albums “Miskatonic Graffiti” needs to be listened to a lot of times to fully appreciate it, letting the story unfold and enrich you. Unfortunately I see many Reviews of Concept Albums that get released like "Miskatonic Graffiti" which need to be listened to and given time to fully appreciate, yet get dismissed ,or given very poor cut and paste Reviews from the information  the prs send to them.

 Even reviews completed after the Album having only been released from their prs on the same day or even sometimes within hours!

This is so unfair on the artists who have put their life and soul into their work. Anyway I digress !


To “Miskatonic Graffiti what's it all about ??

Based on the creative and wildly imaginative works of HP Lovecraft , its an  easy concept to grasp as the album works the story in three parts and fully reinterprets the myth and tales of Chuthulu.

If ya never heard of this well Google it all, learn, and listen to the story as it unfolds ,opening with a ten minute  monster “Called Enter The Mountains” which weaves and builds into something quite spectacular , its opening reminds you of a dark cold windy night on the trail of the highest mountain passes, I love the way the solitary guitar starts the song off and Anders Ljung on vocals tells the tale, then the song opens up into a rocking and totally addictive piece that  sends shivers up and down your spine, really this song needs to be listened to in the dead of night and letting it's tale take you into the albums essence.

“Closer” has a sleazy infectious beat it takes you ,and draws you in deeper to the Swedish Rockers narrative, with some keyboarding wizardry , bouncing and catching riff's ,its one to sing along to,  dancing away into the night.

“This is Tomorrow” is a slow burner that builds and really enters your psyche.

Highlight on here of which there are many to be honest , has to be “My Shadow Out of Time” it sees doors that are open soon to be shut and delves deep , seeing silhouettes of time , warriors transfixed  telling the story of Miskatonic dreams it seriously rocks and catches your breath.


This album kind of has different influences for instance “Name Rank Serial Killer” has a bluesy down rockin feel , these Scandinavians sure mix it up and rock the house! Title track “Miskatonic Graffiti” takes you back to the days of MTV when it was a Rock channel this song would have been on regular rotation it has catchy sing along lyrics and is another must listen to track.
She Was The One” is a slow  almost ballad like song, its a thought provoking piece with some stunning guitar manship and  in a word simply... Superb! “Exit The Mountains” is the finale and brings the complex story to its end , its the heaviest track and shakes the foundations! So to sum up
I would say that “Miskatonic Graffiti” becomes much more enjoyable after multiple listens, this is a sterling well delivered and researched effort from Casablanca.

Review: Seb Di Gatto Score:9/10
Track Listing
1.Enter The Mountains
3.This is Tomorrow
4.My Shadow Out of Time
5.RE: Old Money
7.Name Rank Serial Killer
8.Miskatonic Graffiti
9.She Was The One
10.Exit The Mountains


Members: Anders Ljung - Vocals Mats Rubarth - Bass Josephine Forsman - Drums Erik Almström - Guitar Ryan Roxie - Guitar Erik Stenemo - Guitar


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