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Chainfist hail from Denmark and are due to release "Scarred" in early October.
The band consists of former members from Panzerchrist , Infernal Death,  and Frozen Sunday They have combined their talents and  have come up with a corker in  "Scarred" which is the formidable five pieces second album, having released their debut "Black out Sunday"in 2010.
Not being very familiar with the band myself I was intrigued, and totally blown away by this opus and will certainly be  getting my hands on the debut as soon as possible.
 There are eleven tracks of sublime Metal contained here.

Opening with "Scars of Time" its kicking your head in heavy ,its brutal and deliriously neck snappingly enjoyable its got melodic overtones and they mash it all up to rattle your teeth and thrash you senseless ! First time I heard this I was lost for words ! Believe me that's unusual for me! Its a great opener and makes you want more!

 Luckily its the first track so all good! Now the opener was Brutal next up "1000 ways to Bleed"  goes up to  another level of brutality as the band ooze with aggression this is death defying head smashingly good  , this is gonna be a killer song live. Next is the album winner for me
Its hard to choose, honestly it really is,  but "Black Rebel Noise"   is a catchy song with a singalong chorus and some bad ass riff's, its addictive and will have you singing it all day.

"Another Day in Hell" opens slowly and then  takes no prisoners, its fast , abrasive, thrashing. The  excellent "Poison Moon" follows,   this band mean business, this is pure,  powerful metal its devilishly good,  especially when vocalist Jackie Petersens tells you "I Despise You" you believe him!!! "10.000" has some great lyrics .
Well the whole album does to be fair, its intelligent and heavy as hell "Seven Minutes of Pain" proves the point and reminded me of early Trivium, which for me is a major thumbs up! "Statement " has some ferocious drumming  as the song progresses,  and with "Black Rebel Noise" are my faves , well today !     
Penultimate track "Mass Frustration" is a political statement with a " what if"  scenario which could be reality if some one doesn't sort the cluster fuck of  world we all live in!
 The album finishes with an acoustic version of "Black Rebel Noise"this  song, which is really moving , chills you to your bones.  
Well what can you say , this is an album that will appeal to all true metal heads, it has everything and with clear influences from the big  four are  evident throughout as well as a nod to Volbeat and Disturbed ,  what is   not to love,  check out these crazy Danes and raise your fist punch the air and headbang to CHAINFIST!!!


Review :Seb Di Gatto                        Check out our  Interview here


1. Scars of time
2. 1000 ways to bleed
3. Black rebel noise
4. Another day in hell
5. Poison moon
6. 10.000
7. Know you hate
8. Seven minutes of pain
9. Statement
10. Mass frustration
11. Black rebel noise (Acoustic)

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