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                                                                                            Chainfist Interview   with Michael Kopietz           


MG:Hi, its great to chat to you could you give me a brief history of Chainfist?


MK: Well, a looong time ago, in a rehearsal room, in another galaxy, I Darth Miguel meet this Jedi called Jesper who was just learning he dark side of the Metal drumming industry…. Hahaha

No, to be honest, Chainfist started out back in 2007, and did a demo of 4 songs just to try out some new tunes, and since then it just started out with shows here and there trying to build up the band and name, Chainfist. In 2010 we released our debut „Black Out Sunday“ and did some touring here in Denmark, and northern Germany. All in all it has bin a lot of promotional work and getting the right partners, knowing the right people who could take care oft he bands interests, combining passion, dreams with the hard reality of bringing in a band that wants to do it right, getting their words and music spread over the world of music, lives hows, tv sessions etc.

We’re still trying - ha ha


MG:Why the name Chainfist


MK: An old friend of us came up with the name. He enjoyed painting Warhammer figures in his spare time and in that world a Chainfist is a weapon. We though it was a cool, powerful name and a good match for the music, image and style we play. And if you  take your fist and raise it in the air and shout „MEEEETAAAL“ while headbanging, then you know the meaning behind CHAINFIST!


MG: Personal favorites on "Scarred"


MK: Well, there’s a lot of cool songs written for this one, it all depends on the mood you’re in and so on. My favorites are: Scars Of Time, 1000 Ways To Bleed, Poison Moon, and Know Your Hate, arrrgh… I really like all the songs, it's an album made of love, and to all situations. Even something for your grandma!!


MG:Black Rebel Noise is my favourite track, well both versions in fact! . Would the band consider doing more acoustic versions


MK:  We did a couple of Acoustic "Ballads“ on Black Out Sunday too, „Stay“ - and „Carpe Diem“ - are good examples. But yes, good acoustic songs and ballads are like a must for a good record, right?


MG: If I had never heard of Chainfist  which two songs would you have me listen to first


MK: Black Rebel Noise (Both Versions), and Mass Frustration is my best bet on this one, but really, all the songs are good, and really different all way through.


MG:What can we expect from a Chainfist gig


MK: We try to get the kids who are coming to the shows to feel, at home, a place to remind you, what took you into the style of metal music/rock’n‘roll. Trying to give them that feeling you had  in your childhood the day before Christmas“, making them sing, make them feel, and make them bleed, a Chainfist concert is all about YOU, No More, No Less, No Bullshit, Pure fucking POWER!!!


MG: Plans for the rest of the year and next year

MK:"S C A R R E D“ will be released Oct. 6t  2014, so right now, we’re just doing promotion, and have a release party coming up Oct. 3rd. In the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen. Then we hope for some touring late this year, and 2015 should be filled with lots of shows, festivals and a hopefully a new album


MG: Hows the Metal scene in Denmark


MK: Well… IT actually sucks cause of the country's size. Too many bands and not so many people listening to this kind of music. The media is really like a mafia, and it's not easy to be „out“ there. There is a lot of  Pay to Play in Denmark. The same upcoming bands are doing all the same shows, and very few of the venues and bonkers dare to try something new. We would like to play in Denmark, but  we are also aiming to get outside of Denmark, to be able to reach a wider crowd.


MG:Bands that influenced you growing up


MK:US and British Heavy Metal. Maiden, Priest, Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Slayer, Testament, Bay area Thrash from late 80’s and 90’s. „S C A R R E D“ is a pretty good example where we came from music wise


MG: What do you listen to when you are on the road

A good mix of what we like. We listen to a lot of different music as individuals, and a lot of the new bands coming out from the scene. I guess this is what eventually creates the CHAINFIST sound. But, all in all we are all into METAL in general.


MG: Three words to describe Chainfist



MG:Final words for our readers and your fans


MK:Hell Yes brother

Thanks for taking time to read this interview, and if you’re into something new on the music side, or  if you’re having the blues and just wanna make yourself feel good. Then just try to „Google“  Chainfist, we have a lot of hours of great music and fun for you. Hope you like what you hear, and remember, sharing is caring, next step, your neighbor, let them know about this band „Chainfist“, it's made to set the world on fire! \m/


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