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                                                                                                        Chaos Before Gea

                                                                                                         May 22nd 2019


MM:Hi, Great to chat to you! You will be playing Rock The Coast Festival in  your home country Spain, in June, how excited are you to be joining such a stellar line up?

CBG:It's great to be able to participate in something like this, honestly. Playing a big show sharing the stage with such important bands is just awesome. Also, it will take place very close to our home town. What else can we ask for?

MM: The Festival takes place in a beautiful Holiday hotspot, will you guys be staying for all of the Festival and enjoying the Spanish Sun.
CBG:For sure! I mean, we won't be needing a tent or a room in a hotel to spend the nights, we can just drive back home after the party is over. There's no excuse to miss it.


MM: Who will you most be looking forward to seeing live at the festival?
CBG: Each one of us has a different taste in music so probably we won't be seeing the same bands all the time. However, Opeth and Twelve Foot Ninja are a must for all of us.


MM:  What influences you guys and what can we expect from you live? 
CBG: We all have different tastes so each one has different influences. That's what gives us "our sound". We always answer the same thing: From us live you can expect what you should from a metal band: Intensity, sweat, and lots of headbanging.


MM: Which two tracks would you play me to introduce me to Chaos Before Gea? 
CBG: Definitely 'Rebirth' if you want to get into our latest and more progressive-driven sound. It also comes with a killer music video on YouTube so check it out. Also probably Khâron, is a nice track to get the more epic and atmospheric vibe from our previous album.

MM : What do you like best about touring - how do you rate the importance of being seen live and meeting fans whenever possible? 
CBG: We've loved the experience so far although it's extremely tiring for a band like us. 
During this latest tour we've really noticed how having a face-to-face connection with fans lasts longer than just social media interactions.


MM: Whats the Metal scene like in Spain?
CBG: Easy to answer. Can you name more than five Spanish metal bands? Or even two?

There's many a promotor trying to rip you off in the blink of an eye in this country, so that's why we think it takes much more work and dedication to get some recognition here.

MM: What's the most memorable concert you've been to (other than your own) and why?
CBG: So memorable doesn't mean good right?
Metallica, although being a big influence for most of us, they have always left us unsatisfied with their live show. That's something we recall every once in a while.
As for good concerts, Gojira. They sound and look huge on stage. Definitely an inspiration for our live show.


MM - Being in a Metal band you’re bound to like a drink or two, so who’s the party animal of the band and what’s their poison?
CBG: Definitely our lead singer, Ismael. He's just the stereotypical front man who likes to get crazy before, during and after gigs. Mostly beer (and not just to be generic, but meaning he's a beer enthusiast, likes to try different brewings and whatnots).


MM:  Which are your two favourite albums of all time and what they have meant to you personally?
CBG: Lateralus by Tool is probably the only one we can all agree on.
For all of us it was the album that got us into prog, odd meters and made us realise how passionate a band can be about their craft.


MM: Four Words to describe Chaos before Gea

CBG: Our. Mums. Say. We. Rock... how many were those?


MM: Quick Fire Round

1.Festival or Small intimate gig? 

CBG:Ask us again after Rock The Coast.

2.Vinyl or Digital?

CBG: Digital albums don't break when dropped. Welcome to the 21st century.
3.Barcelona or Real Madrid? 

CBGWe like to kick a ball for a while before every rehersal, so it's Chaos Before Gea Football Team for us.
4. Wine or Beer?

CBG: Weed.
5. Micky Mouse or Donald Trump? 

CBG :Mijail Bakunin.


Final words for our readers and your fans:
Do you like our music?

CBG:Come see us live where we sound twice as loud, look twice as handsome and you'll be going home satisfied and smiling. You'll enjoy it so much you might buy a cool shirt for you and/or your girlfriend/boyfriend.



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