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                                                                                                         Chez Kane
                                                                                                         Title: Chez Kane
                                                                                                         Label: Frontiers Music Srl 
                                                                                                         Release Date: 12th March 2021

So this year has started with most if not all of the world in some form of lockdown due to COVID19.. But despair no more!  The mega-talented Chez Kane takes you back to the days of Eighties Rocking with a modern twist. Not only has this Welsh singer gotten the attention of Crazy Lixxs Danny Rexon and teamed up with him they have produced something that's hard to find these days, an addictive ten-track melodic rocking jewel that will be loved by Rockers old and young.
From the opening salvo "Better than Love" delivers the goods as the sheer class behind this platter oozes outta ya speakers. The next number kicks in windows and pounds into the room as this no-nonsense rocker gets the old heart pumping and sees you punching the air and singing along in no time as we sing "All of it". This is how rock n roll was meant to be as the delicious new single  "Rocket on the Radio"  takes you back to those balmy hot summer days when this would have been on constant rotation on MTV and mainstream radio, cos dude this sure Rocks ya socks off, hell yeah its one of my favorite tracks on here, it's funfilled horns to the heavens and air guitar moments have you jumping around the room and upsetting the neighbors as Chez heads for number one!

The big tunes come thick and fast on this album, as one gem passes another comes along to surpass the previous track, like the superb "Get it on"  smacks ya in the chopz, it's one helluva tune that keeps you rocking into the night and keeps getting replayed here at The Metal Gods Meltdown, it is classy and sassy as the guitar solo weaves its magical tones with Chezs Vocals dripping into your soul.
A  mid-tempo song is up next as another single "Too Late For Love" rocks up and has an anthemic feel about it as does the stunning "Defender The Heart", it tugs at those strings as this number weaves and plays into your erm..heart! Things are picked up another gear with raucous rocker "Ball N Chain".   Chez may have one foot rooted in the ’80s, but the other one has broken free and is pure modern Melodic Metal, as all on this opus show as "Midnight Rendezvous" pounds on you like a pissed-off gorilla on Ritalin! "Die In  The Name of Love"  is a touch of class that shines in the night with its feel-good vibes, and boy do we need it. The final track "Dead End Street" is another storming feel-good song to end a superb Debut.

This work of art is pure ear candy of the highest order that should catapult Chez Kane into the stratosphere, she is mega-talented, a proper rock chick of the highest order, think Lita Ford Lee Aaron, Bonnie Tyler, and Saraya all in one and you get Chez Kane! Importantly she has the might of Frontier Records releasing this debut that simply oozes charisma and passion for days of old brought kicking and screaming into 2021.


Review: Seb Di Gatto                     Score:9/10             Facebook

Track listing
1. Better Than Love
2. All Of It
3. Rocket On The Radio
4. Get It On
5. Too Late For Love
6. Defender Of The Heart
7. Ball N' Chain
8. Midnight Rendezvous
9. Die In The Name Of Love
10. Dead End Street

Line-upChez Kane+guests


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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