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                                                                                                            Civil War

                                                                                                  The Last Full Measure

                                                                                                  Label: Napalm Records

                                                                                                  Release Date: 4th November 2016

Lets be fair I have never really got in to Sabaton, But the former Members of the Swedish Metallers  Civil War first got my attention with their debut Album "The Killer Angels" in 2013 which unfortunately I didn't get to Review as The Metal Gods Meltdown was only a small seed in the scheme of things and was not doing Album Reviews back then.

 We reviewed the immense "Gods and Generals " in 2015 and now a year later  Civil War return with the final chapter  "The Last Full Measure " bringing to an end the sequence of   album titles garnered from the book by the late Michael Shaara ,and his son who wrote the final two books dedicated to his father,and his father's legacy.


Like the previous Albums Civil War  continue with historical and war themes in a similar fashion to Sabaton but with more energy, vibrancy and intellectual nuance , this five piece return with more powerful and addictive tunes to entice and delight you. 

The explosive "Road To Victory" starts proceedings with keyboards , then the march to war  with a blistering opening  combined with front man Patrik Johanssons immense vocals .The ferocity  continues near enough throughout every track on this remarkable release, The dramatic effects and full force of Powerful  Metal wash over you,   "Deliverance" is next as the shackles snap open ,  and history is fully brought to life  as the tale of  liberation  from Slavery is told  with a pulsating and touching effect.


 "Savannah" opens in a lighter vein , then thunders along as  Petrus and Rickard's guitars gallop ,and Patriks Vocals continue to amaze . Then , my god ,I wasn't sure about the next song on my first initial listen , but now it has to be a firm favourite of mine  "Tombstone" Sounding like a manic fair ground ride that becomes  unattached , spinning and whirling as the band  deliver some faster than the speed of light riffs , the lyrics are funny ,and damn catchy, this is a  bizarre killer tune that  in time you will grow to love ,and keep hitting the replay button!

"America"  bursts into life  with Mullback hitting the skins hard ,and  Daniel Myhr showing his amazing keyboard skills with a killer chorus ,this is an anthem of massive proportions.


 "A Tale That Should Be Told" shows exactly why this band are so much better than Sabaton ,( the arrangements are a hundred times better )  the story's draw you in , this is a more symphonic track and feels deeper than the other eleven tracks on here if that makes sense. "Gangs of New York" follows with  full choral effects ,and captivating musicianship.  

"Gladiator" races out of the traps ripping you to the  core with  break neck speeding delivery and frantic vocals. "People of The Abyss" slows things down a tad, you damn well need it after the previous track , believe me. Then the Title track "The Last Full Measure" comes into view , and like nearly all the tracks on here it will have you singing along after the first listen ,while beating your chest and saluting the band with your Metal Horns !

There are two bonus tracks that follow  "Strike Hard Strike Sure"  and "Aftermath"  Aftermath is a beautiful Ballad and penultimate track has an

addictive and adorable chorus to singalong to !



Another awesome Album from ...Yup Sweden , ( again like Hammerfall & Inflames ,who have released  stunning Albums this year) this country just keeps continuing to amaze and astound you with their musical time  I cant wait to see what Civil War will come up with next  "The Last Full Measure" is brimming full of amazing , not to be missed   moments.

Metal and History two of my favourite subjects !! LOVE IT ! 



Review :Seb Di Gatto    Score:9.5 /10 

Review Written: 26.10.16


Track listing:

01. Road To Victory

02. Deliverance

03. Savannah

04. Tombstone

05. America

06. A Tale That Never Should Be Told

07. Gangs Of New York

08. Gladiator

09. People Of The Abyss

10. The Last Full Measure

11. Strike Hard Strike Sure (bonus track)

12. Aftermath (bonus track)



Band Line Up

Petrus and Rikard: Guitars

Patrik: Vocals

Mullback: Drums

Myhrer: Keys





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