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                                                                                                                    Title: CO-OP

                                                                                                                    Label: Emp Label / SPV

                                                                                                                    Release Date:16th June 2018

Since one of the founding members of Megadeth Dave Ellefson founded his own Label a few years back we have been lucky enough to discover many new up and coming Bands here at The Metal Gods Meltdown and CO-OP are the latest to of been added to his labels roster and what a Kick ass, inspirational group they are especially when you realise the Lead Singer just happens to have a father whos a complete and total legend in the world of Rock music , yes its Alice Coopers son Dash Cooper , who is the Frontman of these hard rocking groove tastic Rockers, with Kolby "Beetus" Peoples on Guitar, Jeremy Tabor Guitar, Justin Swartzentruber Bass and Nick Spann on Drums , this Bands Self-titled Debut is going to amaze and shake the Hard Rock world up with this killer release.


“N.O.W” is the opening track it’s a great introduction that shows the groups intentions to Rock your world from the very first minute the needle hits the groove, already released its hit a chart position of 5 on the (US) Media base Classic Rock charts, and continues to get national airplay, with its hard-hitting no-nonsense attitude.

Next up we have the delicious and addictive “Old Scratch” with the added bonus of Dash’s Dad making an appearance this is a song that’s a bad ass laden rocker of consummate hard rocking heaven, and one of my personal favourite tracks on this super platter.

“Howl” rocks up a veritable tsunami of Hard Rocking mania as legendary Guitarist Joe Perry makes an appearance and unleashes some delirious riffs that combine to make a thunderous statement of intent from CO-OP.    


“Desert Dreams” really reminds me of a psychedelic journey into the heart of the 70s with its vibe, it’s a trippy other worldly feel resonates into your soul. These guys are definitely not a one trick pony they have something special here its taken me an age to get past the first four songs on this opus!  

Proving my point, we have the next two tracks “Theme for Ignora” and “Sleep” showing the guys musical dynamics “Ignora” is a gentler piece and another shining light on here with the tones of “Sleep” taking you on a journey of orgasmic tuneage, running just short of seven minutes.

Swaggering into the room we get “Condemned” and the excellent “Secret Scars” a song that shakes and batters your senses.

Penultimate track “Never Whisper” is an exemplary class in Hard Rock with a great riff filled spectacle to end this the second longest track on here.

Rounding this opus off in style we get “Overdrive” a classic in the making as are all tracks contained on here with out a doubt, these guys have a hell of a future, Debuts like this one are few and far between these days, CO-OP are destined to be something phenomenal!


Review: Seb Di Gatto        Score:9/10



Track listing:


2.Old Scratch


4.Desert Dreams

5.Theme for Ignora



8.Secert Scars

9.Never Whisper




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Band Lineup:

Dash Cooper - Lead Vocals Kolby "Beetus" Peoples - Guitar Jeremy Tabor - Guitar Justin Swartzentruber - Bass Nick Spann – Drums


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