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                                                                                                                    Critical Mess

                                                                                                        Title:Human Praey

                                                                                                        Label:Metalville Records

                                                                                                        Release Date: 29th March 2018                               

Vocalist Britta Görtz returns after having called it a day with Cripper, the teutonic growler is back with a vengeance by means of  Hanovers Critical Mess and the Bands debut "Human Praey".

Formed back in 2012 these German Metallers open proceedings with “Bringer of all End“ it pummels and sends your mind into a frenzy as the super talented Britta snarls and scares the shit outta of you with her devillish technique, while the Guitars shred and flays your being with their oppressive verve, the Drums and Bass thunder and wake up lucifer and his minons from their sleep.  


My personal favourite on here is the second track “Feasting“ its a tantalizing piece that I keep returning to with its powerful riffs and sheer brutality mixed in with Görtz guttural tones that impress and scares the hell outta of my felines!

The dark and deeply foreboding “Preacher of Lies” is up next with Marco Schauff and Marco Evers Guitars releasing some intense tumultuous tones as the rhythm section of Benny Komatitsch (Drums) Christian Wiesener Bass pound the hell out of their instruments. “Gluttony” feasts on your soul as this track voraciousness chews on your insides the drumming and frantic delivery is a total mind fuck of Death Metal gratification.


“Creation of Abomination” opens slowly then becomes a maelstrom of clenched fists and head splitting insanity. The neck breaking “Pansperm” annihilates you with its killer riffs and gives you a severe beating.

Talking of annihilation Jeff Waters from Annihilator features on the next track “On rotten grounds” the ferocity continues unabated, this is gonna see your neck needing surgery as you strain your neck and smash the hell outta ya being in the grounds of Metal delirium. The venom of “Into Oblivion” courses into your body and attacks your nervous system as you growl the chorus with Britta, man this woman has some vocal chords on her!


An instrumental follows “Paradoxal paradigm of perception” giving your thrashing neck muscles a chance to recover from the previous tracks of insanity to revitalise your whole being, its impressive and try and say the song title after a skin full of Jägermeister..I dare ya !!

Final number “Repent” is a constant assault on your senses as the velocity and pure bred venomous crunches skulls.


Remaining faithful to old school Metal this Album is a vicious, unmerciful ten track monstrosity that shreds and peels your skin with its tryannous riffs and earth scorching Vocals. Without a doubt “Human Praey” is going to appeal to all those who grew up with Death Metal in its earliest form, Critical Mess have delivered a competant killer release that should see them gracing stages everywhere!  

Review: Seb Di Gatto      Score: 8.5/10     Facebook




1.Bringer of all end


3.Preacher of lies                                            

4 Gluttony

5.Creation of abomination


7.On rotten grounds

8.Into oblivion

9.Paradoxal paradigm of perception

10. Repent




Britta Görtz: vocals

Benny Komatitsch: drums

Christian Wiesener: bass

Marco Schauff: guitar

Marco Evers: guitar






The Metal Gods Meltdown

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