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                                                                                      Title: "The Era Of Darkness"

                                                                                      Label: From The Vaults 

                                                                                      Release:Date: January 13, 2023 

CROM returns with “The Era of Darkness” a fist-pumping pure blend of heavy metal awaits as this three-piece takes you to the battlefield in a glorious manner with this twelve-track true metal masterpiece. Opening in empathic style with “Into the Glory” a rampaging battle-infused hymn is a thumping start to an addictive pummelling work of art. My favorite track is up next “Heart of a Lion” love the way this song builds with its folkish opening filling one with hope as the deep lyrics make you feel stronger in yourself and have you raising the horns in salute as the guys weave their magic and cast a spell on you, simply sublime and prickles your skin with its emotional texture and orchestrations.

The title track follows with its full bloodied metal choir pounding into the room with its huge drum beats and towering guitars this is a massive number and like the previous tracks, I have kept returning to them before delving deeper into this opus.

The drums and feel on the next song are so triumphant the delivery and feel of “Higher Ground” will touch even the hardest of hearts as we raise our fists to the sky and the beats pound into you and leave a mark on your soul.

A hammering attack on the senses unleashes its fury as “Together we ride” gallops into view.  “In your eyes” is a metal masterpiece, it has got to be one of the best anthems I have heard in a long time, the feel and passion just ooze out of your speakers as Walter “Crom” Grosse vocals take you on a journey of highs and lows, it’s a glorious ride. The pace is brought back up as “Riding into the sun” stampedes into your presence as Thomas Hagel beats the skins and Steve Peryl unleashes some killer riffs. The lighter “The Forsaken” floats into the room.

“When will the wounds heal” continues the powerful assault on one’s senses with its heady riffs and thudding bass.

The soaring “Bridge to paradise” with its double kick-infused momentum continues to showcase the band's majestic tones.

The penultimate number “A New Star” grows into something spectacular, running over six minutes, this is a master class in melodic spine-tingling metal. So, we come to “The Last Unicorn” a pure metal heads delight, brings this killer release to a close.

This “The Era of Darkness” is an album that deserves your attention. In a world where people just stream and change songs instantly without much thought or taking real notice of the lyrical theme, this platter isn’t for them this work of art demands to be listened to from the moment the needle hits the groove to the very end. Its melodic structures and bombastic overtures are powerful and a killer force that should see the guys rise high in people’s playlists once more.

Review: Seb Di Gatto      Score:9.5/10

Reviewed: 31/12/22

Track listing:

1. Into The Glory Land
2. Heart Of The Lion
3. The Era Of Darkness
4. Higher Ground
5. Together We Ride
6. In Your Eyes
7. Riding Into The Sun
8. The Forsaken
9. When Will The Wounds Ever Heal
10. Bridge To Paradise
11. A New Star
12. The Last Unicorn  



Walter “Crom” Grosse: Vocals,choirs, lead & acoustic guitar, bass

Steve Peyerl solo guitar

Thomas Hagel: drums


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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