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                                                                                                   Cruizzan Interview



MG: The release of "Free Ride" is  released  soon , what are your feelings as the release date approaches
Band: Certainly smashing! The folks is waiting for a true rock album which carries further the torch of genuine rock music and not its ashes. 

MG : Favourite tracks on the album

Band: Of course: track 1 – 13

MG: Your debut was released in 2006! were you abducted by aliens ???

Band:Be careful, if you call our women aliens! But you are right, it´s a long way back. We´ve searched some years for real rock guys, who take their instruments to bed.    We found them! Now we are complete and ready to keep it rolling for the next decades.

MG:  Plans for the remainder  of the year, and whats in store for next  next year

Band:Touring in blood and sweat, recording new bombs with dedication and dirty fun, fun, fun.

MG: If I had never heard Cruizzen before which two tracks would you have me listen to

Band:You should listen to "LOVE IS A SWEET TORMENT" and "TROUBLE"

MG: Can you give me some insight into the bands name

 Band: Cruising is the mint way slipping through live. But don´t fret, we have a brand-new supercharger on board

MG: What would be your ultimate goal for Cruizzen

Band :Be louche and dreaded and a crowd of rockers in the pit in front of stage at the sold out stadium

MG: Feeling towards the Metal scene in Germany

Band: Yes, there are much bands of it, but don´t ask me about their names, they are hard to make out.

MG: Some of the best Metal / Hard Rock bands are from Germany why do you think that is
Band: I can mention you a fistfull undervalued combos, like Skew Siskin, Nitrogods and so on.
        But there is a fine difference: all german bands are not only professional musicans - first of all they are all hardcore rock fans.
        That´s it!

MG : What have you been listening to lately

Band: We listened a lot to heavy V2 and V8 engines.

MG: Beer or Sauerkraut?

Band:  We choose the beer - Sauerkraut is a matter of confidence

MG: Tell me why we should buy " Free Ride"
Band: Our new album is a free ticket to the heritage of hard rock´n roll. It represents the whole lifestyle of each rocker, biker, musclecar- maniac, outlaw and every classic-rock enthisiast. This album is born in the essence of Rock.
When you hear this rocket and you will bang your head, stomp your feet, clap your hands and play high voltage air-guitar you know the reason why you have to buy it.
        But if you don‘t - you should change your music style.

MG: Three words to describe Cruizzen


MG: Final words for fans and listeners

Band:  Hey friends, see you at our live gigs to celebrate a real BAD ASS ROCK´N ROLL party!


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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