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                                                                                           There is no Hope Beyond Mutation
Hailing from Charleroi Belgium , Cryptogenic have released a virus of Death Metal  insanity upon the world.
Fronted by a female singer called Kat  the bands debut is a brutal offering and a concept album about an epidemic disease that changes people into a  "Beast" The story unfolds as some people can't survive this mutation,  "There  is No Hope Beyond Mutation" is a competent Death Metal album that takes you on a unmerciful , vicious journey, as the disease spreads and mutates.

 Kat has a hell of a voice which complements the bands ferocious delivery , the growls are from the depths of Satan deepest pits of damnation , lyrics are intense , intelligent and delivered with venomous attitude by the talented vocalist. Opening with a doleful organ and screams of terror "There is no Hope" then erupts and pummels your brain cells as the disease attacks, and takes over your soul, the drums crash and thunder as the wrath of the malignant sickness infects and destroys.


"As  A Prey" chases and claws your being,   its delivery and the atmosphere  of malevolence keeps you hooked as the pandemic continues to invade and take over mankind. "Worse than The Plague" has some kick ass riffs and the mid section is very impressive , its delivery is superb as the song comes to its end the vocals bristle and growl into your head as you become one of the monsters.

"Deep into the Flesh" describes the torture and despair as the disease attacks the body and you turn into a monstrosity from the depths of Hades the lyrics are deep and brutal and for a  debut you can see the band have put  100% percent into this album , making a concept album is always a heroic thing for a new band and these guys deliver and continue to keep you transfixed . "One Last Glow of Humanity"  and "Unchained Hatred"  sees the story continue on its tragic quest of death, disease and blood thirstiness. "Unchained Hatred" is a personal highlight,  its effective ,it  rips and shreds your skin , I love the part where the song slows right down , the vocalist growls and unleashes the apocalypse to come.


An instrumental follows giving your thrashing neck muscles a chance to recover from the previous tracks of insanity and to revitalise your being.  The artwork is telling and shows the transformation into a monster ,  like the album its effective and sears into your brain crawling it's way into your  concsiousness ,  as the monsters fully take over "A Den of Iniquity" and "Dismember" continue the vicious bloodlust , as the legions of creatures continue their hunt for human prey.


Penultimate track "Obsessed By The Screams"  see the visions of evil come , attacking your senses as restless sleep and dreams of the past haunt the monsters being .

Devastation and  mutilation of the world are the finality as "Beyond The Mutation" screeches and bombards, with some vigorous  riffs, and demonic drumming , the story is told , and the holocaust of mankind is done   the ending dying out as the album comes to its close is impressive as "There is No Hope Beyond Mutation" are the final defining words, and then all you are left with is a haunting desolate tone . 

Without a doubt Cryptogenic have a bright future ahead of them with their blood curdling lyrics and vicious Death Metal delivery they are a band to keep a look out for.

Review By Seb Di Gatto     Score : 7.5/ 10       Facebook


1.There is No Hope
2.As A Prey
3.Worse Than The Plague
4.Deep Into The flesh
5.One Last Glow of Humanity
6.Unchained Hatred
7.Requiem For Ashes
8.A Den of Inquity
10.Obsessed By The Screams
11.Beyond The Mutation

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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