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                                                                                                                  Label:AFM Records

                                                                                                                  Release Date:27th November


Evil Elvis himself Glenn Danzig returns with "Skeletons" its an album of tracks that influenced him growing up and is not a cover album as such as Danzig puts his own spin on some songs that have rocked his soul over the years.

"Devils Angels" opens proceedings , this is a mesmeric , punk fuel-ed number that spins you around and pummels you senseless ! originally recorded by Dave Allen & The Arrows, this track is brought up to date from when this was released in the sixties, and becomes a Punk inspired romp!

"Satan (Satan Sadists) is more meat and bones Danzig ,it's a Hard rocking slower number that impresses and continues to impress  as Glenn Danzig's choice of songs for this Album continue to infect your mind!


Elvis is in the building and cranking out some mean tunes with Glenns version of Presley's "Let Yourself Go" its a version am sure the King of Rock N Roll would have loved with its heavy riffs , screeching guitars, and drumming from the deepest pits of hell.

Things get even Better if that's possible as Black Sabbaths "N.I.B" is covered and wow this version wins hands down on "Skeletons" its doomy , gloomy sounds emanate with a twist of the Evil Elvis it is superb!

My favourite Sabbath song and without a doubt the highlight on this album. 


"Lord of The Thighs" sees the dark one taking on a Aerosmith song , it's heavier than the original and rocks hard.

The Litters "Action Woman" is another punky inspired version its very much different to the original which is really the whole idea of this opus , the drums are battered , and would not have been outta place on a Misfits release back in the day.


Then we get err ZZ Tops "Rough Boy" the only downer for me on here , am not knocking the bearded ones song but in my mind it was the weakest song the Texans ever released, only thing is it's a better version by Glenn Danzig, just a bit disappointed he chose this song, although having said that he does show how versatile his voice is. 


"With A Girl Like you " By The Troggs sees a full on Punk version sung , sealed ,and delivered with sum angst!

"Find Somebody" by The Young Rascals  whips you with its studded belt something  totally different , as is the surprise song at the end of "Skeletons" a Ballad by The Everley Brothers "Crying in The Rain" , its an unusual thing to hear him singing in such a mellow frame but hell its good, full of emotion , he expresses his  feelings.

A special word for the eye catching  Album artwork with Danzig and model Kayden Kross on its cover , its a first time he has had a skull face since his days with the Misfits. Many fans maybe disappointed that this isn't a original release but  the singer has been quoted on the forthcoming release saying: "My attitude with covers is, make it your own or else leave it alone" and thankfully he has stuck to his word and delivered his own versions rather than just  sticking to the original versions.

Review: Seb Di Gatto   Score:9/10                            Facebook 


                                                                                 SKELETONS // Available Next Week
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1.Devil's Angels"  (Dave Allan & The Arrows)

2.Satan ( Satan's Sadists)

3.Let Yourself Go (Elvis Presley)

4.N.I.B.   (Black Sabbath)

5.Lord of the Thighs (Aerosmith)

6.Action Woman (The Litter)

7.Rough Boy (ZZ Top)

8.With a Girl Like You (The Troggs)

9,Find Somebody(The Young Rascals)


10.Crying in the Rain (The Everly Brothers)

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