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                                                                                             Dark Zodiak Interview  13.01.21
MM:"Ophiuchus"” gets released at the end of the month , how anxious or impatient are you
waiting for its release
We are looking forward to bringing our new material to the metal people, that's for sure. But
since we are not allowed to hold our planned release party, the excitement and joy for the day is

MM: Which song would you say is your fave track today on the Album and why
Oh, that's difficult! We are looking forward to all of them! And to finally be able to rock them live!
Ophiuchus has a lot of atmosphere, with many others (e.g. Heaven, Earth and Beneath) I'm
already looking forward to the moshpit, with Destroy Destruction to the audience singing along
and Humor will certainly be fun.


MM: Do you plan to do a live Album stream on release date
Our Corona regulations don't allow that at the moment, we're not allowed to meet as a band. It
will probably be a pretty quiet release.


MM: Love the Album artwork, can you tell us the story behind it and will you have it framed
around your home.
I'm glad (Simone) that you like the artwork. I drew the cover myself. And the original is a pencil
drawing and hangs in our music room.


MM: 2020 Has been one hell of a nightmare, how has this Virus affected you personnally and
plans for Dark Zodiac .
At first, of course, countless concerts were canceled, then we weren't even allowed to rehearse
together. We used this time for songwriting, recording and cover/booklet design. In the short
time of relaxation in the summer we tried to rehearse and work intensively, to finish the album
and to start with promo work. But now it is enormously difficult to get the record out to the
people. Our release party can't take place. Our Europe-wide tour spread over 2021 is in the
stars or Corona regulations, the metal landscape is full of new releases as many have used the
time. And the net is totally overrun....
But as soon as we're allowed, we'll be there in full force, with awesome new songs, merch,
stage design, extreme joy of playing and unbelievable reunion joy!


MM: What are your plans for the rest of the year, and when do you think live gigs and even
tours will commence
As I said, we have many plans! When can it start? We don't know anything, we hope a lot, but
realistically we will probably only be able to do a few small concerts in the coming year.


MM: Can you remember the first time you ever played live and how it felt to have people
watching u.
Yes, of course! We were all very nervous and had weak knees. But after the second song,
when the audience started to join in, we had huge fun!


MM: if you were stuck in quarantine for a year which musican (dead or alive)would you have
with u and why
The guitarists would be droning with John Petrucci and Dieter would be jamming with Mike
Portnoy and everyone would learn incredible things! And we would have a beer with the Suicidal
Angels, because they are just totally nice guys to party with!


MM: What's the most memorable concert you've been to (other than your own) and why?
It was in a small pub in Freiburg, four thrash bands were playing, the Suicidal Angels were
headliners. From the first minute on, the atmosphere was boiling and the musicians were
rocking and partying in the middle of the audience. Simply brilliant and unforgettable!


MM: What do you feel has been your biggest accomplishment so far with Dark Zodiac
Our biggest festival so far was the Out and Loud with big names like Testament, Arch Enemy,
Helloween, Overkill, Carcass,...
But great concerts with the best atmosphere were also many others, the Bergisch Metal
Festival, the Chaostraum Festival, the Blood Battle, the Heavy X-Mas,...
And great achievements are of course our EP and 3 albums. And our great band community!


MM - If one of your songs could appear on a soundtrack or any film or cult TV series, which one
would you choose and why?
A filming of elemental forces and the end of the world, haha.


MM - Who do you think influenced the world of Metal / Rock more than any other person
Leo Fender, he released the first electric guitar.


MM:What song best describes the sound track of your life
Humor and Be Yourself


MM:Four words to describe Dark Zodiac
Powerful, playful, likeable, uncomplicated!


MM: Tell me why we should check out ""Ophiuchus"
The album is powerful, varied, rousing, forces you to bang and join in, was recorded with a lot of
joy and will give every listener a lot of pleasure!!!                                        Facebook


Quick Fire Rnd
1. Vinyl or Digital
2.Hell Fest or Wacken
3.Wine or Beer
4.Denim or Leather
5.Viking Metal or Thrash Metal
Hell Fest
Final Words


Hold on, stay true to yourselves and we're already looking forward to celebrating together!!!
Final Wish, haha...
Please write DARK ZODIAK with a K at the end and thanks for the interview!

Thanks for the interview!


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