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                                                                                                  Dark Embrace

                                                                                                  Title: Dark Heavy Metal

                                                                                                  Label: Massacre records

                                                                                                  Release Date: 24th February 2023

Spanish Metallers Dark Embrace delivers the goods and then some more with their new album “Dark Heavy Metal " this is a smorgasbord of head-banging delights that await the listener as the needle hits the grooves you are drawn into the catchy as-hell title track “Dark Heavy Metal” this is a song I can't get enough of, the opening screech is unexpected and leads into one of my favourite songs in many a time! Having already released this metal monster it is a purebred anthem and is gonna be amazing live, this is Heavy Metal in 2023!  Dark Embrace stands and delivers everything we all adore about this music with this opening salvo.

Love the video for “Never Seen The Sun” this song is a windmilling head-banging delight its simply a face-melting slice of king diamond esq screams turning to growls from frontman Oscar Rilo as Mou Trashno with Markos Villar shredding their guitars and the rhythm section of Kike Vilar on bass and Snowy Shaw on drums pound their instruments into oblivion it’s an uplifting killer number, that causes a tumultuous storm in your being as we are led into the next song  “Personal Demons “  this song encapsulates the turmoil and torture of mental health and works its magic as the lyrics and music spiral into the room.

The folkish “Endless months” is up next with a scintillating guitar solo from special guest Antti Wirman (King Company, Warmen), it’s a different vibe but compliments and works well within this opus. It's back to big metal assault on the senses with the storming mighty fist pummelling horns in the air “Metal is Religion. Then the pounding rhythm “Life is Legacy” wraps itself around your throat in a vice-like grip it’s a headbanging delight. Jari Pailamo (King Company, Daimonic) features on the keyboards on the different “This is the rain” it’s an obscure piece on this release and kind of surprises the listener, I had The 69 eyes vibe from it I hope Oscar doesn’t take that as a bad thing! Believe me, it’s not, it’s a song that grows on you in time.

“Time is telling” is a short track that leads into the piece de resistance “Bitter End MMXXII” a track the guys have had kicking around since 2000 this nearly eight-minute monster caps of a tremendous work of art from Spain’s finest export, a song that is a real gem that’s atmospheric and takes you on a death-defying rollercoaster of emotions. It wraps up an amazing release from these metal masters, simply put a must in your collection, and is a platter I will return to many times, I love it this is pure unadulterated Heavy MUTHA FUCKING METAL!

Review: Seb Di Gatto   Score:9/10



1. Dark Heavy Metal
2. Never Seen The Sun
3. Personal Hell
4. Endless Months
5. Metal Is Religion
6. Life And Legacy
7. This Is The Rain
8. Time Is Telling
9. Bitter End MMXXII



Oscar Rilo - Vocals

Mou Trashno - Guitars

Markos Villar - Guitars

Kike Vilar –Bass

 Snowy Shaw - Drums

GUEST MUSICIANS Antti Wirman (King Company, Warmen): Guitar solo on "Endless Months" Jari Pailamo (King Company, Daimonic): Keyboards on "This Is The Rain"

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