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                                                                                                               The Modern Age
                                                                                                               Label: Scarlet Records
                                                                                                               Release: 21 July 2015
Dark Tribe are one of the rising stars of European Melodic Power Metal ,and you can easily see why , their new album “Modern Age” is full to the brim with multi-layered songwriting  and absorbing , deliriously catching musicianship that delivers on all fronts.


Formed in 2009 and known as a powerful live act ,these French Metallers blessed the world with their debut in 2012 called “Mysticeti Victoria”, and have toured with some of the biggest bands on the European circuit including Girlschool, Crucified Barbara and Nightmare to name but a few. The intro “Humanizer” builds and really whets your appetite with symphonic and absorbing tones that lead into “Red House of Sorrow” Which chugs along and see 's an opening to lighten up the most dismal of days, Anthony Agnellos vocals instantly captivate and draw you in , Loïc Manuello guitars strings are stretched with some fast and powerful riffs, Bruno Caprani Bass booms and digs deep into your cranium alongside Julien Agnellos Drums , it’s a song many established Power Metal giants like Helloween and Gama Ray would be proud of!


The Album continues to impress with “My Last Odyssey” and title track “The Modern Age” a song that leans heavily on the atmospheric keyboards and has a catchy sing along chorus this is  ready to rock Arenas .

I hope this band achieve the attention they rightly deserve ,this is a personal highlight and a track I would play to anyone unfamiliar with these French  masters of Powerful Metal.

“A Last Will “ opens with subtle tones then crashing guitars and drums shattering ,to loosen your ear wax ,it's one to be played as loud as hell , its impressive . damn fine, this and the previous track alone make this album worth getting , its creative and stellar musicianship rocks you to the core.

Like an out of control locomotive speeding down the tracks, not letting up , no brakes applied “No Train To Earth” hurtles along the tracks its high intensity and non stop delivery shakes and rattles your bones.


The only let down for me is “Holy Water Day” the momentum kind of dies on this slow and doleful number, that not to say it’s a bad song, cos its not , just for me its kind of out of place, and maybe would have been better as the last track on “The Modern Age”.

“Wild Call” and “Rainwar” both run over six minutes and you are taken on a magnificent journey of guitar wizardry with monolithic twists and turns as these Gallic aficionados weave and cast their Melodic enchanting tones. “Anthem for a Planet” is exactly that it’s a booming and piercing song that makes you clench your fist and punch the air.

Final track “Darkside of Imagination” is a kaleidoscope of differing and enchanting Power Metal where the drums really come to the fore  loosening , battering your senses.  “The Modern Age” was Mixed and Mastered at Hansen Studios in Denmark by Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Epica, Doro, Primal Fear) and is an album worth buying as Dark Tribe  light the fuse and dazzle the world with their melodious Metal, keep an eye out for Darktribe !

Reviewed By: Seb Di Gatto   Score: 9/10
2.Red House of Sorrow
3.My Last Odyssey
4.The Modern Age
5. A Last Will
6.No Train To Earth
7.Holy Water Day
8.Wild Call
10.Anthem for A Planet
11.Darkside of Imagination


Vocals : Anthony Agnello, Guitars : Loïc Manuello, Bass : Bruno Caprani, Drums : Julien Agnello


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