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                                                                                                             Dark Zodiak 
                                                                                                             Title: "Ophiuchus" 
                                                                                                             Label: Independent
                                                                                                             Release Date: 30.01.21
Death Metallers Dark Zodiak return with a New Album and man its fantastically Heavy and in your face as this perfect fusion of Thrash and Death Metal whips you into a frenzy of face melting delirium as "Ophiuchus" delivers on all fronts with the glass shattering growls from Simone Schwarz smashing you in the face with her venomous tones makes this release abrasive and curdles lucifers' blood.  
Opening with the killer "Do More Say Less" thrashes and beats you senseless as the drums cannon into the room, its got a conventional thrash vibe about it that is a barbarous savage opener to proceedings. 
This release is  full of delirium that will have venues  across the world slamming, jamming, head-banging and generally moshing into the night once these days of lockdown hell are finished! 

Personal favorite  "Heaven, Earth and Beneath" is powerful and menacing and flows into a Metal Meltdown of supremacy with its deep grooves its a track to mosh and crash too, its fast , feverish and turbulent. The excellent "Invisible Apocalypse" is brash and assertive with its hellish screams knifing you to death with its insanity.  Title track  "Ophiuchus" seeks and destroys with its addictive insanity that runs over seven minutes.  "Destroy Destruction" is insanely raspy and will have you hooked and banging your head in unison with the grooves and shouting "Destroy"!!

 Next up is "Humor" you get a beating of killer riffs and guttural growls to melt your brain cells.

"From Thrash to Death" makes your skin crawl with its vivacious head snapping tones that will have the masses moshing into the night.  "2020 AD" deals with this evil disease and soul destroying lockdowns we are all facing, its hypnotic effects tantalize and draw you into the current night mare of COVID 19.  "Total Freedom" reminds me of a moshing pit on broken glass as this penultimate number ignites and seers into your being. Finally we come to "Ignorance" a Scintillating finish to a killer 3rd Album from these Germans.

"Ophiuchus" is a vicious and furious deliverance of pure Molten  Metal, this  should see Dark Zodiak take on  the World which could and should be their  stage..IT RAWKS!!

Review: Seb Di Gatto        Score: 9 /10


Track Listing:
1.Do More Say Less
2.Heaven Earth and Beneath
3.Invisible Apocalypse
5.Destroy Destruction
7.From Thrash to Death
8.2020 A.D
9.Total Freedom

Line up: 
Vocals: Simone Schwarz
Drums: Dieter Schwarz
Guitar: Charly Gak
Guitar: Benni Poeck
Bass: Steffi Bergmannin FB:


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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