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                                                                          Darlin interview 13/12/22

Completed by: Joe (Bass)
MM: Can you tell us about your Band and whos your biggest influences
D: We are Darlin from Essex, a 6-piece pink-powered pop rock band, coming in
hot to blow you away with sing along dual part harmonies and rhythms you and
your mum can dance to.
We self-describe our sound as a halfway house between Fleetwood Mac and
Paramore, but as band we have a wide berth of tastes and influence, from metal
to reggae!

MM: Where do you draw your inspirations and ideas from
D: Our usual process normally involves Dan (lead vocals) coming up with the
skeleton of a song that he’s been knocking around with. Then every member of
the band brings their touch of magic to the song and adds the flesh.


MM: What would you say is your Bands favourite song?
D: For me personally it’s our latest single ‘Velvet’. Mainly because it’s at the
beginning of the set and the intro really slaps you in the face, statement of intent.
MM: Plans tour and festival wise for 2022
D: We are currently booking up our calendars for next year, watch this space!


MM: What can we expect from (Band Name) live
D: Lots of energy and character, we are hear to get you singing and dancing,


MM: What do you like best and worst about touring
D: The best is coming on stage to a room full of people who have your attention
for the next 30-60 minutes and revelling in how you can best blow them away.
Worst part, unreliable toilet facilities, it really is a game of chance with those
things, the stories I could tell you....


MM: Which three Bands would be your ultimate touring buddies
D: Right now? There’s an American band called ‘Set it Off’ I went to see recently,
their show was so full of life and energy and they write big hooky pop-rock
choruses, it looks like a lot of fun. If we are talking a dream opener right now?
Ghost! What a show those guys put on. If we are talking fantasy, then definitely
Motley Crue back in the day, just to see what madness they got up to.


MM: What's the most memorable concert you've been to (other than your own)
and why
D: For me, it was Linkin Park in 2003, I was 15 and it was the first show I was allowed to go to
with my friends, and I was just amazed at the amount of people singing and moving along to the


MM: What do you feel has been your biggest accomplishment so far with Darlin

D: Without playing a gig we managed to get a play and a shoutout on Radio One,
it wasn’t something we payed to get onto, it happened on the merit of our song
and that’s pretty special


MM: Which are your Two favourite Albums of all time
D: Origin of Symmetry – Muse and The Black Album - Metallica


MM: Can you remember the first time you ever played live and how it felt to have
people watching you?
D: For me personally, I was 16 and me and some guys from school had made a
band called ‘Inca’ (we saw the name in a National Geographic magazine) and we
managed to convince a local bar to rent the top room, got all our friends from
school to come and there must have been about 100 people packed in this tiny
room. I got on stage and just thought, yeh, this is it.


MM: Growing up which Bands posters did you have on your bedroom wall.
D: I had a giant double poster from Kerrang of James Hetfield looming over my
bed looking like he was about to cast some sort of metal spekk, it did not impress
my girlfriend at the time.


MM - Who do you think influenced the world of Metal / Rock more than any other
D: I know the answer seems generic, but in my eyes it has to be Freddie Mercury.
This man came in with an absolute planet size stage persona and then backed it
up by being one of the best rock vocalists of all time. He was the complete
package, he brought theatre into the world of rock that you can see echoed across
the genre ever since.


MM - What's the most important thing to the band right now?
D: We are super focused on the next few releases and booking up gigs and
festivals for the coming year. We just really are keen to spread the word!


MM:If you could do a cover of any song which one would it be and why?
D: With us, nothing is off the table, we have a few covers on our YouTube


MM: Tell us why we should buy and listen to your Band
D: If you like classic retro vibes, mixed with modern crunchy guitars, big pop sing
a long choruses then we are the ones for you.


MM: Four words to describe Darlin
D: Pink power pop rock


Final Words for your fans and our readers
D: Nothing more than thanks for having us, we really appreciate the support and
commitment to the rock and metal scene!


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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