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                                                                                                        David Readman

                                                                                                         Title: Medusa

                                                                                                         Label: Independent

                                                                                                         Release Date: 5th August 2022


For pure hard rocking ear candy, a must-listen-to is the new solo album from David Readman it’s been 15 years since his last solo album, and boy he’s come back with a sure-fire winner with “Medusa”. Featuring the vocal talents of Jessica Conte on the opener “Madame Medusa” the heavy pounding intro into this damn fine tune rocks your soul added to the mix we have a debut appearance from the amazingly talented Roxana Herrea, whose delicious bass lines contribute to this killer number.

The next track is a pure headbanging fist-pumping beauty, as “The Fallen” shakes the earth’s foundations. This is a no-nonsense kick-ass rock. David Readman’s vocals are stunning especially when you consider he’s in his middle age years, he sounds as fresh as ever and would give the youngsters of today a run for their money! The Pink Cream 69 singer wears his heart on his sleeve as “Generation Dead” blasts out of your speakers it’s a catchy groovy number, where the comparisons to David Coverdale shine through here. The previous track and the superb “Turned to Black” are my favourite songs on "Medusa"... today anyway! Its deep lyrics and meanings are intense it’s a slower number than what’s gone before but still rocks your world.

If you are looking for pure melodic rock then “Shelter from the storm” ticks all the boxes with its heavy bass lines, seminal guitar melodies, and keyboards this is a purebred powerful metal ballad. The pace picks up again with “Change the world” the guitars and musicianship work their magic as this number fills you with positivity and needs to be heard this is and should be played so loud your speakers explode as you sing yourself hoarse singing along.

The great toe-tapping “Mary Jane” kicks ass and just wait for the guitar wizardry its, insanely addictive a great rocker that’s made for radio like all the songs on this platter, to be honest. The penultimate track “Children of the thunder” with a punchy chorus and hellish musicianship it’s a tsunami of emotions. This work of art ends with “King who lost his throne” sit back and let this track wash over you and fill your soul, it’s a breath-taking finale, to a stellar opus crowd-funded by the fans of this underrated singer.


This album should make people sit up and take notice and put David Readman’s “Medusa” on the lips of people worldwide as Readman never compromises one iota on this fabulous album!

Review: Seb Di Gatto                       Score:9.5/10    

Reviewed: 20th July 2022


1. Madame Medusa

2. The Fallen

3. Generation Dead

4. Turned To Black

5. Shelter From The Storm

6. Change The World

7. Mary Jane

8. Children The Thunder

9. Summer Wine

10. King Who Lost His Throne

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