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                                                                  Dawn of Ashes


                                                                                                   Label:  Metropolis Records

                                                                                                   Release Date: 20 th May 2016

Black Metallers Dawn of Ashes prepare to release their new Album “Theopany “mid-May, and it is a triumphant return for these Los Angeles  miscreants.

“Theopany” oozes Aggressive, Industrial, Extreme Black Metal and sees the band return to form following on from “Anathema” which was apparently going to be the bands ultimate Album in 2013. Was this just a publicity stunt by Vocalist Kristof Bathroy no one fully knows.

Nevertheless, that’s all insignificant as the Band have a new Release and its quite frankly vicious, nightmarish, and full of horrific electronic devilment.


Opening with huge Symphonic dynamism , ethereal choirs ,mixed in with tribal drums this is  a massive build up for what is  to follow.  “Theopany” is  totally nefarious, no wonder this was the first single from the Album , it's intense sonic aggression will grip you with the talons of a brooding  malignant entity.

“Equilibrium” continues with Devilish ferocity as the guitars rip and tear the skin off Lucifer’s backside ,the growls and hypnotic synthesisers seek and destroy. Then “Stillborn Defect” (The New Breed) comes into view it hits the dance floor in a dark crowded cavern , with Symphonic death defying malevolence it curdles your mind.


“Fire of The Pheonix” throws its poison with hellish abandonment as the insanely fast blast beats draw you in, As Kristoff Bathorys insatiable vocals leave you transfixed.

“Bleeding Perfection” goes for the throat and never loses its grip , the highlight on this album for me, its dangerous heinous and gigantic in it's delivery.

“Enter The Vortex” runs just over six minutes and is the longest track , it has a horror film score kind of feel to it, that then leads into a flowing acoustic piece as the song  comes to it's end .


“Valhalla” is a gigantic song running at just one minute and thirty odd seconds its full of histrionics that are short but sweet, it’s kinda cool. Then what ruins this for me is the cover version of Nine Inch Nails “Last” I am sorry but why the fuck did they cover this song? Who knows , but it just isn’t as good as the original and kinda leaves you disappointed!

But that apart this  a great return to form for Dawn of Ashes .


Review :Seb Di Gatto  Score:8.5/10


Track listing:

1.Rise of the Ancient East

2.Tribe of Chemosh


4.Stillborn Defect (The New Breed)

5.Malleus Maleficarum (The Hammer of Witches)

6.Fire of the Phoenix

7.Bleeding Perfection

8.Enter the Vortex





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