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                                                                                                      Electric Ministry  

                                                                                                      Metal Blade 

                                                                                                                 Release Date: 2/8/11

To be honest I hadn't heard much of DC4`S stuff, but am so glad I was sent this CD to review.

Hailing from Los Angeles, DC4 have produced a really varied powerful album, with its old school metal sound it really twists and turns.  There is something here for old and young Metal-heads alike.

Starting off with 'Wrecktory' the slow build up with distortion and acoustic guitars moves into the title track 'Electric Ministry'. 

A fist punching, all out metal anthem.  Jeff Duncan (Armoured Saint, Odin) really has worked his magic with this track.


'XXX' is a very corny, pornographic track and is a really fun and catchy number.  'Rock God' says it all really, maybe the track should be called "Rock Gods" as DC4 surely are!  The next song '25 to Life' is a really gritty number.

The riffs keep coming at you full speed ahead as you go through the album.  Let's make no bones about it, this is old school metal with a modern twist.  'Down and Dirty' is pure L.A. Metal Underground at its BEST! While 'Glitter Girl' takes me back to the hazy eighties.


Up next is the brutal 'Sociopath'.  This is an intense bourbon fuelled rocker.

The amazing differences and changes in tempo throughout every track will ensure that you will listen time and time again and become hooked to 'Electric Ministry' in no time at all.

It also has to be said that the slower numbers on the album, 'The Ballad of Rock n Roll' and the epic last track 'Dirty Hands' don’t sound out of place at all.

I hope this album will get a lot of deserved success and explode over here in the UK.  I can imagine a fully charged alcohol fuelled night of head-banging, fist-punching debauchery!  And maybe even some lighter waving for the ballads ... let's hope a tour could be on the cards very, very soon.


Review by: Sebastian Di Gatto               Score:8/10



1. Wrecktory

2. Electric Ministry

3. XXX

4. Rock God

5. 25 To Life

6. Broken Soul

7. People

8. The Ballad Of Rock And Roll

9. Glitter Girl

10. Sociopath

11. Dirty Hands

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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