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                                                                                    Album: Atomic Highway

                                                                                    Label: High Vol Music

                                                                                    Release Date: 14th September 2018

DC4 return with “Atomic Highway” for those unfamiliar with the Band they are a mega rock group made up of three brothers, Jeff Duncan (Armored Saint, Odin) Guitar and Lead Vocals, Shawn Duncan (Odin, Killer Bee), Drums, Matt Duncan, Bass Guitar, and their brother from another mother Rowan Robertson (Dio, Raiding the Rock Vault), on Guitar.


Opening with an instrumental “Progeny” you get the vibe of Van Halen and The Who mixed together in a melting pot of Hard Rocking heaven. Then “Queen of Angels” gets the release properly underway, Duncan’s Vocals come powering through as the guys salute their home town of LA with a full-on assault of rock n roll from theses veterans of the scene.

Title track and personal favourite on here “Atomic Highway” races out on the highway of Metal, burning up the rubber with the pedal firmly down to the metal, this is a ball busting Metallers delight as the towering guitars, Bass and rampaging Drums combine with Duncan’s killer Vocal delivery.

Up next we get “Something in my head” a blistering attack on the senses with some killer riffs and a catchy chorus to sing along to.


Now these guys were all around when the hedonistic, good times of the Eighties were in full flow, and of course this Band is made up of members of Odin and if you havent seen The Decline of Western civilisation where ya been?!? Anyway, am sure the next song “Dominique” had some influence from those times on this song it’s fun lyrics and rocking groove seriously kick ass.

Talking of groove, we get the excellent “Castaway” which pummels your head with its killer beats. Love the guitar solo on “One and Only” and the deep cutting lyrical theme.

The Whos "Baba O'Riley" gets a makeover with the bonus of John Bush and Dizzy Reed making an appearance on this classic song and fully do it justice. “Twenty first century” brings the tempo down with its lavish opening, it’s a floating, magic carpet ride of various emotions.


This superb platter comes to its end with “Seize the day" another groove filled rocker, so yeah “Atomic Highway” is ten tracks of good time hard rocking music, it has been a while since this supergroup released anything new and it’s been well worth the wait believe me get a hold of this Album play it loud and proud!



Review: Seb Di Gatto   Score:8.5/10              Facebook



Track listing:

1. Progeny

2. Queen of Angeles

3. Atomic Highway

4. Something in My Head

5. Dominique

6. Castaway

7. One and Only

8. Baba O'Riley

9. 21st Century Love

10. Seize the Day



DC4 is:

Jeff Duncan - Lead Vocals, Guitar

Rowan Robertson - Guitar

Matt Duncan - Bass

Shawn Duncan - Drums, Percussion

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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