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                                                                                                                 Dead Label

                                                                                                      Throne of Bones

                                                                                                      Label: Metal Blade 

                                                                                                      Release Date: June 10th 2016

Hailing from the Emerald Isle Death Melodic Groovetastic Metal Trio Dead Label are due to unleash their new Album upon the universe soon, “Throne of Bones” is jam packed with furious, brutal and aggressive musicianship that is  phenomenal and highly addictive!

Opening with the title track “Throne of Bones “ it's frantic delivery  is deliciously dominant as Claire Percival’s drums machine gun themselves deep into your head, combined with Danny Halls Guitar the song builds into a veritable Metal monster as Dan O`Gradys devilish growl emanates from your speakers you know you are in for something spectacular, the hairs on your neck bristle as the front man’s snarl sending  shivers up and down your spine.

O`Grady's Bass and Vocals entwine their Groove into your consciousness this is a hell of an opener , a statement of intent from Irelands finest!

I love the gentle opening to “Salvation in Sacrifice” this track has already been released on video minus the gentle guitar intro which is on the actual Album not the Video. This song works its magic with Claire’s cymbals given a searing workout it shakes ,rocks ,and fucking rolls ,with its brutal aggressive tones it has a psychotic essence of Insanity dripping through its delivery.


Then the next song “Ominous” is one I have played again, again and again! (In fact same can be said for all the tracks!) Many times its deep brooding prescence enthralls you it’s a portentous piece that digs deep into your very being.

Thunderous tones continue to emanate from your speakers as “Birth of Suffering” delivers titanic rhythms embedded with dark riffs from the deepest pits of the Devils Abyss. “The Cleansing” is an instrumental , gentle tones float and glide for a brief respite, that shows the band are mega talented musicians and are not just a Deathly Metal groove machine.  


“Exhume The Venom” wakes you from your brief slumber as the full on assault returns ,it will have  you banging your head in a frenzy of neck straining abandonment. ” Void” has a deep and cavernous feel to it. 


This  leads to the awesome and intense “The Gates of Hell” the  song has  references from Rudyard Kipling’s” The Charge of the Light Brigade” , and this has to be the best use I have ever heard of some of the lines from the famous poem, just falling short of ten minutes this is a masterpiece of epic proportions with its melodious piano adding a beguiling background to the song.

This is unbelievable , a song I cannot get enough of, what a way to end a stunning, insanely addictive Album.


To sum up ,this is the bands second Album and the Irish Trio have produced a Herculean mix of incandescent Thrashing Death Metal that will take some bettering from any other band I can’t recommend this Album enough and I can’t wait to catch these guys Live they are without doubt the best Three Piece I have ever heard!!

“Throne of Bones”  stands out proudly and clearly as our Album of the Month for June in 2016 and maybe even the year!


Review: Seb Di Gatto  Score : 10/10



1. Throne of Bones
2. Salvation in Sacrifice
3. Ominious
4. Birth of Suffering
5. The Cleansing
6. Exhume the Venom
7. Void
8. The Gates of Hell

Dan O’ Grady: Bass/Vocals
Danny Hall: Guitar
Claire Percival: Drums




The Metal Gods Meltdown

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