Dead United Interview 01/02/21

MM: First up please introduce me to your Band and why the name Dead United?
D. Vote: In the band we are four undead creatures. United in death - Dead United. 

Mr.Stiff: We had the Idea to form a band, which celebrates all these crazy things on stage-With chainsaw and all this stuff, combined with catchy tunes and a lot of fun. 

Buzz: Then Charles D.Vote came up with “Dead United” and that matched. 


MM:Which track from would u play  me to introduce me to  "Fiend number 1"
Dig: All Killer, no filler !!! But my favorite "Fuck the fiends !"

D. Vote: Green Glowing Skulls 

Mr Stiff: What I like is: you hear it and one second later you know it´s Dead United. So I choose the first song: The old spook sanatorium at Kill Hill. 
Buzz: Fuck the Fiends!!!

MM:How impatient are you waiting for release day in April
D. Vote: I am really impatient and happy to work together with Wolverine Records! Hope the people will like our new stuff! 

Mr. Stiff: It took us more than 6 years to finish that album. It´s really time now to release “Fiend Nö. 1”

Buzz: Very impatient, after you´ve worked on an Album for a long time, it´s the greatest moment when you hold it in your hands finally!

MM: What made you decide to go down the Horror Rock  route and do you have any other musical  interests?

D. Vote: When we started the band in 2004 we had nö idea in which direction our way would go. Everything just happened... 

Dig: First of all I like 90´s Skatepunk, than Rockabilly, some Metal and Hardcore.
Buzz: I´ve been interested in music, performing and being on stage since I was a child, Horror is a passion, too, so Horror Rock route was the best choice. 

Lets forget covid and talk about live performances etc
MM: Do you have  plans for the new year tour and festival wise or live streaming  

Dig: Usually we used to tour every year around Halloween some dates. I hope this will be possible. We thought about small show for press and fans to play new songs in autumn 2020 but than the second shutdown came. Maybe it´s possible in early summer ? 

D. Vote: Not really. We have to look how things will develop. 
Mr. Stiff: We are definitely not a streaming band. That's for shure. 
MM: What can we expect from you  live? 

D. Vote: Lots of blood, zombies and of course - a huge chainsaw...   
Mr. Stiff: and a lot of fun. 
Buzz: A terrifying Horro Show and fun.
MM: Which three Bands would be your ultimate touring buddies 

D. Vote: Broilers, Mötley Crüe and Ricky Martin 

Dig: Alice Cooper / Turbonegro / The Bones
Mr. Stiff: Ricky Martin??? Ok that´s enough of that corona vaccine now, Mr. Vote!
Buzz: Bands with cool people!
MM: What is the most memorable concert you've been to (other than your own)and why?

D. Vote: Kiss in Berlin. I love their gigantic and colourful Show combined with awesome singing and playing. 

Dig: Gluecifer in Frankfurt / Batschkapp

Mr. Stiff: Napalm Death in Erlangen. That Energy! Amazing. 

Buzz: Iron Maiden, Würzburg, my first concert, it was really a blast.

MM:How do you think the music industry will look post pandemic

D. Vote: I got nö idea but i hope only the best... 
Dig: I hope there will still be enough live clubs to play after all. I think for bands like us and our label Wolverine Records things won´t change much. Subculture like punkrock, especially horrorpunk have true fans and business is mostly DIY or run by few people. But booking agencys, sound engineers and other live music business need help at the moment and will take lot of time to get back on their feet.
Buzz: Better after our Fiend No.1 release of course.
MM: You are stuck in quarantine for a year which musician dead or alive who would you have with you?
D. Vote: Lemmy Kilmister or Ozzy

Dig: Don´t care, will kill anybody in one year quarantine.

Mr Stiff: I would scream: nooo! - is it really over already? after Jamming one year with Dave Grohl. 
Buzz: Shakira or my Dead United band mates


MM: Imagine having to give me the last thing you brought, what would my gift be  

D. Vote: Chicken 

Dig: A shovel of earth, I´m a gravedigger.
Buzz: bread
MM:You enter a haunted house that taps into your greatest fear ..what do you see and hear

D. Vote: Alanis Morisette

Dig: Me screaming in a mirror, I´m an undead and scary gravedigger !

Mr Stiff: We on stage starting to play staring at thousands of people, which are waiting for Ricky Martin. 
Buzz: The spook hybrid….
MM: Tell me, why we should check out Dead United

D. Vote: Because it is big fun and really crazy! 
Buzz: Because it´s great!!!


MM: Four Words to describe Dead United
D. Vote: Bass, guitar, drums and vocals

Mr. Stiff: Punk, Rock, Chainsaw, Fun
Buzz: Dead, Punk, Horror, united

MM:Final words for your fans and our readers

D. Vote: Stay healthy! Hope to see you on a Dead-United-Show. And please - listen to Fiend Nö



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