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                                                                                                   DEAF RAT

                                                                                         Title: Ban the Light

                                                                                         Label: AFM Records

                                                                                         Release Date: 8th November 2019

Deaf Rat are yet another multi-talented Band from Sweden and “Ban The Light” is the Debut  from this five piece that’s remarkable and  instantly likeable drawing on their influences from  Led Zeppelin to Guns N Roses these Scandinavians have released  ten tracks of infectious tunes to cheer you up as winter approaches at speed these rockers deliver on all fronts here as  “Fallen Angels” opens with lashings of hip shaking bootylicous Riffs this  opener ticks all the boxes  as the heady rhythm’s and kick ass grooves  bounce around the room while you become hooked to Frankie Richs impressive raspy Vocals, Hell yeah what an opener! 

“Hail The End of Days” continues the journey into good time hard rocking heaven with its anathematic chorus. There are so many stellar tracks on this opus but without a doubt “Tying you down” ticks all the boxes, I just love the lyrics and mazy guitar riffs; this is a full on frontal assault of head shaking, horns in the air  with a modern edge as once again we are  shown why this country has such an amazing pedigree when delivering this genre of music we all so love and adore. 


Hard edged riffs and good time grooves continue to take you on a helter skelter ride of your life as “Save Me from Myself” and title track “Ban the Light” rush and shake your soul.   The tempo is brought down with “Bad Blood” Before the face smashing “Make You Suffer” unleashes itself and wrecks the room with a tsunami of delicious riffs and hell hath no fury momentum.  The heads down rocking continues with “Say You Love me “one that has you singing along at the top of ya lungs. Sadly we are onto the final two tracks on this release, “Wanted Forever” is grinding and dirtier than a hooker in Amsterdam, as its seductive tones mash your brain cells, the heaviest number on here without a doubt.  “Welcome to hell” rounds of things of, it’s a slow burner that builds and fires into a pyromaniacs dream as it gets going.


So Get ready for a pure bred Hard Rock infestation as Deaf Rat mix up and reminds you of the heady days of the sunshine strip with a Scandinavian swagger that’s just going to Rock your goddam soul with “Ban the Light”


Review: Seb Di Gatto           Score: 8.5/10            Facebook

Reviewed: 10/10/19


Track listing:

1.Fallen Angels

2.Hail The End Of Days

3.Tying You Down

4.Save Me From Myself

5.Ban The Light

6.Bad Blood

7.Make You Suffer

8.Say You Love Me

9.Wanted Forever

10.Welcome To Hell


Band Line up:

Frankie Rich (Vocals)

 Pat Kramer (Guitars/Vocals)

 Max Lander (Guitars/Vocals)

 Nic Lester (Bass)

 Karl Löfgren (Drums)


The Metal Gods Meltdown

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