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                                                                                                  Dear Superstar
                                                                                            Damned Nation  Blast Records

Unbelievably Dear Superstar hail from Manchester, these guys are heavy, sleazy and sound like they have been dragged out of the Whiskey-a-go-go on Sunset Strip.

I can’t quite get my head around how these guys have done it, but they have taken everything that’s great about the likes of Motley Crue, then added a slice of Bullet For My Valentine, mixed it all up and you have these vagabonds of sleazy metal, blasting and tearing out of your speakers and taking no prisoners.


This is the bands third album and will have you hooked after a few listens.  'Damned Religion' is so catchy with a chorus that will have you punching the air and head-banging your heart out.  I'm worn out after the first track!  How many times can you say that about the opening track on an album?  Throughout this album the guitarmanship is hard and intense, from Adam Smelthurst and Ben Grimsley and Benj Ashmead’s power house drumming will keep you coming back for more.  I have to say there’s not one bad track on this whole album, it's exceptional.


'Change Yesterday' is a hard as nails rocker and vocalist Mickey Satiar really excels himself, as the clever lyrics twist and turn, taking you through a journey of hurt and pain.  'Last Rites' is a punchy fun filled track that is reminiscent of so many bands and will have you bouncing along.


This track is as addictive as is first single 'Our City Sleeps', which features Buck Cherry’s Stevie D.  A song with a powerful chorus, which understandably has received a lot of air play, as well as the accompanying video.  'Anthem To My Life' with a powerful sing-along chorus, the title really sums up this track, it's Anathematic Sleazy   Metal at its best. 


Another song that has an anthem to it and will have you head-banging into a frenzy and raising the horns is 'Turn To Dust'.  'Sirens' has a "whoa-oh!" chorus and you can imagine this being played live at rapid speed with full crowd participation throughout.  'Tomorrow' slows the mood right down and Mickey Satiar`s vocals are amazing, soulful and it's just such a fantastic song.  When the song gets faster and the guitar gets heavier, it gives you shivers down your spine.   'Glitter Just Like Gold' is ferocious.  You get growls, squealing solos and mega riffs, as Dear Superstar shred the hell out of this mosh-pit frenzied number.  Final number 'Crystallized' will leave you in no doubt the futures more then bright for these Mancunians.  


Dear Superstar tour constantly and their love of the road has seen them have UK and European tours in support of Papa Roach, Buckcherry, Soil, Puddle of Mud and Bullet For My Valentine to name just a few, and unsurprisingly, they are back on the road in March, touring the UK and Europe with Yashin and Glamour of The Kill.  Buy this album as soon as possible and catch these guys live too, you will be in for a treat!

Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. Damned Religion
2. Change Yesterday
3. Last Rites
4. Our City Sleeps
5. Anthem To My Life
6. Turn To Dust
7. Sirens
8. Tomorrow
9. Glitter Just Like Gold
10. Crystallized

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