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                                                                                                       Death Angel

                                                                                                Title: Humancide 

                                                                                                Label: Nuclear Blast

                                                                                                Release Date: 31st May 2019

 “Humancide” is thrash icons Death Angels ninth release and is an Album that will electrify you, astound you, and have you straining your neck as this master piece batters you senseless with its brutality. 

The state of the world and its fucked up ways is the content on this release dealing with how uncaring, selfish and destructive a planet we have become and is highlighted no more so than on the title track “Humancide” which opens proceedings on this amazing release  with Drums and Guitar riffs to scare an intimidating horde of hungry wolves, the Band deliver an opening track with a menacing do or die attitude.  “Divine Defector” rips into your soul, hell, this will have your neck strained, check the roar and Vocal might from Mark Osegueda , its ferocious, brutal and batters your head in with an iron bar. 


Love the viciousness and way “Aggressor” weaves its magic with its  pounding face melting delivery. Then thrashing and mashing your brains we get “I came for Blood” a song that’s just gotta be played live  it’s as venomous and dangerous as a wounded snake in a sea of fire, and will see mosh pits exploding as you sing the chorus and bang your head to this piece of Metal heaven. “Immortal Behated” is six plus minutes of inventive and progressive musician ship from these thrash titans it is a diverse and very different track, that will surprise and beguile you with the added accompaniment of a piano bringing the song to a close. Awesome isnt the right word for this track, its intense, captivating and impressive.


“Alive and Screaming” and the superb “The Pack” rips into your head, and has you  completely at the mercy of Death Angel as both numbers are sure fire winners to be included in a set list that will have the masses singing and punching the air to these Californian Metal masters!

'Ghost of Me' is a total killer track with ferocious Drumming and face melting riffs as you watch your enemies fall, hell yeah this is a fervent number! Penultimate song “Revelation Song” is mid-tempo that leads into the final and deeply potent “of Rats and men” that is a spectacular finish to a diverse progressive thrash work of art that will please and surprise many This has to be one of Death Angels most accomplished releases to date….


Review: Seb Di Gatto        Score: 9/10                      Facebook

Reviewed: 20/05/19


Track listing:

1. Humanicide

2. Divine Defector

3. Aggressor

4. I Came for Blood

5. Immortal Behated

6. Alive and Screaming

7. The Pack

8. Ghost of Me

9. Revelation Song

10. Of Rats and Men



Rob Cavestany | Lead Guitar/Vocals

Mark Osegueda | Lead Vocals

Ted Aguilar | Rhythm Guitar

Will Carroll | Drums

Damien Sisson | Bass

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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