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                                                                                                                     Death Lullaby


                                                                                                                     Label:Famined Records

                                                                                                                     Release Date April 15th 2016

Hailing from Montreal Canada , the brutal non compromising Death Lullaby will release “Wormz” on to the world stage mid April, it’s an Album that’s both frantic, and ferocious there’s truly no let up as the face melting vocals from Simon Crowe are thrust into your countenance almost immediately with “They Dig” it may only just be just over a minute introduction but it’s a huge fucking statement to wake you up and make you pay attention , as this five piece shred and pound the living hell out of their instruments.  


Two of the Albums Standout tracks follow each  other first “We Won’t Live Forever”  it   is truly devastatingly heavy with its raging and angry vocals , the lyrics are fucking hostile and cell destroying.

Then we get” Renegade” it’s a song to make you quit your job and go  see these guys live! (ok so I watched the video!) but seriously this is a bone crunching number that batters you senseless and will see mosh pits erupting with bodies strewn across  all the venues  but “Renegade” wins hands down for me.


Kev's Metals drums are given a hell of a work out as “Strife” delivers its belligerent , ranting vexations, the Bass from Francis Bilodeau thuds and booms while Crowe spits out the cutting lyrics. “Conquer All” and the hellish “Anachrony! sees Yoan Marier Prulox and Juilen Bournivel fully flexing their Metal muscles as they shred , scorching the earth with their feverish guitar man ship. Title track “Wormz” will crawl into your head and cause chaos, the lyrical content like on all of the tracks on here are simply outstanding but no more so than on “Wormz”.

“Dethrone The Grower” spits shards of glass that  lacerate your skin, then slows down into a contorted and nasty malevolent form. “Cycle” brings to mind a pit of Metal damnation that shakes the foundations of hell and wakes up a very pissed off Lucifer , the guitars come to the fore  yet again in a simply addictive song! Penultimate track “Devolution” is a chugging number full of maniacal discontent.


Final song “Rainmaker” is the longest track on here.. or is it ?  whatever ! like the beginning and indeed the whole of this Opus  brutality seeps out of every pore  infecting your very soul . 


“Wormz” is much like the USAS Product of Hate Album which we reviewed a few months back, it clearly shows that this breed of Metal continues to grow stronger and this release is a perfect way to release all your anger,  thrash  and dive head first into the pits of Hell with!       To be honest I hadn’t heard much of this bands work before but  now I have and researched abit more about these Canadians I can only see them growing and becoming potentially enormous!


Review :Seb Di Gatto   Score:9/10     Facebook  Website




1 - They Dig / They Devour


2 - We Won't Live Forever


3 - Renegade


4 - Strife


5 - Conquer All


6 - Anachrony


7 - Wormz


8 - Dethrone The Grower


9 - Cycles


10 - Devolution


11 - Rainmaker




Death Lullaby Are:

Simon Crow – VocalsJulien Bournival – GuitarYoan Marier-Proulx – GuitarFrancis Bilodeau – BassKevy Metal – Drums














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