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                                                                              Interview with Anthony Kaoteon  19/10/19


MM:I understand Deat Tribe is an experiment, Can  you go into more detail please


Anthony Kaoteon: This is a shout from war victims and war heroes, economies that fail and bring down their people with them. Countries like the near east, south east asia and/or africa that are seen as destructive and tagged as unworthy while other wealthy nations are funding wars and conspiring to keep fueling hatred and ignorance in those countries for profit gains instead of changing educational systems, helping lift poverty and working together into a better tomorrow.


MM: what a brutal mother fucking Album “beyond Pain and Pleasure” why did you choose that as a title ?

Anthony Kaoteon: Because I don't feel hatred or joy anymore. Nothing hurts and nothing excites. I am beyond these futile human emotions that keep us fragile. I am beyond pain and pleasure.


MM:I have seen some stunning reviews how pleased are you with the feedback so far

Anthony Kaoteon: In this time and age, where my passport doesn't allow me to tour and I have to hustle in a day job to be able to keep my residency. Reviews and support is all that keep an artist like me going and hoping that these albums will be played and appreciated after the day my body goes six feet under. I am grateful and thankful.


MM:Tell us about the Album cover what does it represent

Anthony Kaoteon: I wanted the album cover to show that we are all debating and fighting from within and the personality we feed is the one that shows and grows stronger. However, you can see that more angry and aggressive personalities are popping up as the world keeps feeding us with horrendous news day in and day out. I would have been much more at ease in Medieval times when reality of the matter was survival of the fittest. Today we know better, there is ample of resources and communication and we can truly fix most of the worlds problem if in some kind of a dream the world leaders decide to make this world a harmonious place but we chose not to. we chose to strengthen our borders, inflate our bank accounts and ignore whatever doesn't directly affect us because the majority of us are shortsighted cowardly greedy bastards.


MM: If I was totally new to Death Tribe which two tracks from the new album would you play me from the new Album and why

Anthony Kaoteon: Hollow - because that spit at the beginning is self explanatory and implode explode because this is the direction of the second album that I am currently recording in the studio


MM:I love .death blues and implode explode psychopathetic.Give us some insight into those tracks please

Anthony Kaoteon: I do not like to give more insights than the lyrics - Interpersonal interpretations are very personal and should remain so


MM:The world is in a fucked up state esp Europe do you draw a lot of your ideas from the troubles in the world ?

Anthony Kaoteon: I think I already answered this above - I surely do and will be affected by the world we live in today.


MM: Plans for the rest of the year and going into 2020 tour wise WITH Kaoteon and death tribe

Anthony Kaoteon: With Kaoteon we are releasing the 3rd album in January 2020 and Death Tribe's second album will follow in December 2020 with Baard from Leprous/Borknagar on Drums, Linus on Bass and other artists on wind and string instruments.


MM: Will u take Death Tribe out on the road ?

Anthony Kaoteon: Not sure about playing live yet as I compose all music and get top notch musicians to play with me, I am not sure I want to play live in small venues to let those who are have nothing to do with the music make money while the musicians are barely making a living


MM: What do you like best about touring - how do you rate the importance of being seen live and meeting fans whenever possible?

Anthony Kaoteon: it is still super important to tour to get visibility and meet new people and collect more fans on the road but the industry has made it impossible for artists to make a decent living unless they become superstars.


MM: a Death Tribe tattoo would be cool

Anthony Kaoteon: You should go ahead and have one - send me the picture and I will make sure to share it and trend it.


MM: Which three Bands would be your ultimate touring buddies

Anthony Kaoteon: Depends if I am with KAOTEON or Death Tribe and these things change with time.


MM: When did you first realise you has such a musical talent and can you remember your first ever live performance Anthony Kaoteon: I held the guitar the first time in 1992 - it was classical and I wasn't really into it then my mother got me a used samick guitar in 1997 and I started KAOTEON in 1998. Raging Hellfire is actually the first KAOTEON track ever written.


MM:Is their a song written by someone else you wish you had written?

Anthony Kaoteon: Of course, a whole lot of songs - the led zeppelins, the pink floys, the bathory's, the old school death and black metal songs and the list goes on.


MM: Which are your Two favourite Metal albums of all time and what they have meant to you personally

AK: I cannot chose only too - when I think of it a lot of albums pass in my mind, from my dying bride turn loose the swans to emperor and satyricon as well as dark angel and slayer even some anathema or freaking hell - do you remember Haggard!


MM: Tell me why we should buy “Beyond pain and pleasure”

AK: Because it is not just an awesome album - it is a collection of amazing metal artists from amazing bands that you have missed out on.


MM: Four Words to describe Death Tribe

AK: Only Death is Real


MM: Quick Fire Round

1.Festival or Small intimate gig:


2.Vinyl or Digital:


3.Edam Cheese or Beer:


4.Windmills or clogs:


5. Orange or Black:



Final Words if you reached this far into the interview - thanks a million - Join the Tribe on social media, listen and share the music with your circle of metal friends. reach out - I try to reply on instagram, facebook or youtube. Cheers.                           Instagram        Facebook

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