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                 DeeVer Interview                                                                DeeVer

                                                                                                            Title: You Need This                            

                                                                                                            Label: Independent                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Release Date: 1st February 2019

Hailing from the North East of England we have DeeVer a Band that have already started to cause a stir and once their Debut Album “You Need This” is Released, in February expect this Band to be on everyone’s lips.

Delivered with an appetite to succeed and drawing on many influences from Rock, Punk with Pop infused choruses we have a stunning ten track beastie here!   


From the album opener and Lead single “Fire at Will” you have a crowd-pleasing anthem to get the masses jigging and singing the chorus.

Vocals/ Guitar are delivered by the exceptionally talented Wil “Billy” Taylor (Former Inglorious), alongside Stevie Stoker – Guitar / Vocals, and a rhythm section of Phil Appleton (Bass) and Dan ‘Higgy’ Higgins (Drums) it’s an addictive piece and took me a while to get past this first track and onto the following nine tunes.   

'All Come Running’ like all the tracks on here is booty shaking sing along magnificent Rock, kicking and screaming into your conscience, no wonder this was the guys second release in November. “Alright” is a hard rocking grooving machine, thumping drums and delicious riffs abound I simply luuurve it!

The tempo comes down a tad as “Back Down” flows out of your speakers, love the lyrics and delivery on this track, showing the Bands diversity and accomplished musician ship it’s simply superb. Then we get “ Waves” crashing and soaking you with its infectious delivery, it’s another track that’s going to be a hit live. The next two songs are the stand out numbers on here and ones I can’t get enough of, “Parachute is up first and one I blast out daily and fuck off my neighbours to! Its Pounding edgy killer delivery has me singing at the top my lungs, as does the superb “Only Enemy” a song I can personally relate to in this social media world we live in today, been there and done that, myself, taking back control from Facebook Likes and virtual reality is hard, but we all need to.


“We are” whirls like a dervish on speed as the Drums pound and we all sing the chorus, this is another one thats going to lift the roof off many a venue. Penultimate track “Jim” is yet another highly catchy song  and very sentimental.

As the Album comes to a close with “I am the Calvary” yet another classy morsel of Hard Rocking heaven.

This Debut is a glorious platter that will see them reaching the stars and more, Believe me "You Need This"!


Review: Seb Di Gatto       Score: 8.5/10                Facebook

Reviewed: 12.01.19


Track Listing

1.Fire at Will

2. All Come Running

3. Alright

4. Back Down

5. Waves

6. Parachute

7. Only Enemy

8. We Are

9. Jim

10. I Am the Cavalry


Band Line-up:

Wil ‘Billy’ Taylor – Vocals / Guitar

Phil Appleton – Bass / Vocals

Dan ‘Higgy’ Higgins – Drums / NOT Vocals

Stevie Stoker – Guitar / Vocals

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