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                                                                                                   Release Date:26th August 2016

Delain return with a vengeance as they unleash “Moonbathers” on the world in late August.  This is a full blown masterpiece of epic proportions! This release has the power and verve of some of the heaviest bands around combined with Classical backgrounds.

“Hands of Gold” opens up proceedings and it’s a track I have had a hell of a time getting past to listen to the rest of the songs on here, this is a magnificent opener , it enlivens  your senses ,making the  hairs on the back of your neck quiver!

The Riffs are instantly captivating and the symphonics are totally outta this world , all this combined with Charlotte Wessels vocals which are truly outstanding throughout , as an added bonus on this opener Alissa White-Gluz from Arch Enemy guests , her amazing growls intermingle  beautifully with Charlottes delicious tones.

“The Glory and the Scum” thunders out of your speakers and chugs along like a heavy metal Steed on a mission of absorbing and delirious abandonment. 


As with the opening track the third song “Suckerpunch” is a favourite of mine , although it changes with every song on this opus, this song punches in the right places , it is a true delight with woah woahs aplenty and gigantic tones ,this is going to be massive live!  “Chrysalis-The Last Breath”  is the most atmospheric track  opening with a piano its doleful sadness will touch even the hardest of hearts, its beautifully constructed and rises and falls with flamboyant excellence.


“Fire with Fire” sees the band return to full guns blazing symphonic delirium it will have you singing along in no time at all and dancing with abandon in the metal aisles. “Pendulum” is another powerful mix of riffs and keyboards that melt the ice caps.  Charlottes vocals inspire as the superb “Danse Macabre” sees her voice dominate the opening that builds into a marvellous enthralling track. “Scandal” is a cover of the Queen song which more than does their song justice, it’s a surprise but a very pleasant one Freddie Mercury will be looking down and smiling! “Turn The Lights Out” would be ideal as a film score its orchestrations will leave you breathless.


“The Monarch” brings this exceptional release to a close it’s a moving dreamscape of Metallic delight to end a truly awe inspiring killer offering from these symphonic maestros! Added to this there is a bonus live CD to whet your appetite! So Delain are about to celebrate their tenth anniversary and head out on a huge tour ,so make sure you see them and live the symphonic Metal dream, I know we will be there , and  so should you! Grab a hold of this gigantic insanely addictive Album you will not be disappointed at all!!



Review: Seb Di Gatto   Score: 10 /10      Facebook    Website


Members: Charlotte Wessels (vocals) Martijn Westerholt (keys) Otto Schimmelpenninck van der Oije (bass) Ruben Israel (drums) Timo Somers (guitar) Merel Bechtold (guitar)



Track listing:

01. Hands Of Gold (feat. Alissa White-Gluz)02. The Glory And The Scum03. Suckerpunch04. The Hurricane05. Chrysalis - The Last Breath06. Fire With Fire07. Pendulum08. Danse Macabre09. Scandal10. Turn the Lights Out11. The MonarchBonus CD

12. Suckerpunch (live in The Netherlands)13. Turn The Lights Out (live in The Netherlands)14. The Glory And The Scum (live in The Netherlands)15. Don't Let Go (live in The Netherlands)16. The Glory And The Scum (orchestra)17. Hands Of Gold (orchestra)

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