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                                                                                The Killing Floor    Label: Metal Box Recordings

Hailing from Portsmouth, Dendera are a five piece who are getting widespread media attention and are causing waves with their debut album 'The Killing Floor'.  We have eight tracks of old school Heavy Metal dragged kicking and screeching into the twenty first century.  


Dendera deliver a steel enthused eight track album of traditional sounding metal that will be adored and snapped up by many.  Opening with 'For Vengence', the band sets its stall out and delivers guitars and vocals very reminiscent of Iron Maiden, with dueling guitars delivered by Stephen Main and Tony Fuller and Bruce Dickinson-esque vocals from Ashley Edison, you really can’t go wrong! 


'My Mercy' cranks out and is ferocious, with killer drumming delivered by Andy Finch and deep and wall shaking bass by Bradley Edison.  This tune will have you begging for Mercy!!… Next we get 'Senlac Hill' with a history lesson to boot as you are drawn into 1066.  A cleverly worked track which does not disappoint in the



Title track 'The Killing Floor' has the classic NWOBHM sound, as does in fact most of the album and is the strongest track on here.  Its got great riffs to march into battle and commence onto the 'The Killing Floor'!  'Hatechild' really could come from Maidens 'Piece of Mind' and is a major compliment to these young rockers from the south coast of the UK. 'The Predator' is really well performed and spirals into oblivion, with mean guitar riffs and hunts your senses and gets into your mind and has to be played and played again.  Its melodic metal with an extra bite, as is the great 'Bridges Will Burn', as Dendera weave and tell the tale, you can tell a hell of a lot of thought, time and effort has been put into the whole album. 


The final track 'Till We Fall' is nearly seven minutes long and is a monstrous tune to finish off superb debut, it has everything here that Old Metal-heads like myself will appreciate and I hope the new younger Metal-heads of the world will fully recognize the value of.  Old school metal is in vogue and on the rise and hopefully Dendera will get noticed and build a big fan base and conquer the world, they deserve to!

Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. For Vengence
2. My Mercy
3. Seniac Hill
4. The Killing Floor
5. Hatechild
6. The Predator
7. Bridges Will Burn
8. Til We Fall

The Metal Gods Meltdown

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