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                                                                                                                Label: Independent

                                                                                                                Release Date: 17th June Pre Sale May18th

The future of British Rock is  well and truly secure , I know this having listened to , and been astounded by the new EP from New Rockers on the Block. A Band called Departed who  Feature in their ranks  Mark Pascall from Empire of Fools , his  band have been featured in Classic Rock and various other big magazines , and shared the stage with  bands such as The Answer, Reef , The Darkness etc , and then throw into the mix  Former The Treatment Guitarist Ben Brookland who really needs no introduction  to the Rock world having played on two of The Treatments albums , and  toured with giants such as Kiss , Alice Cooper , Slash ,to name but a few , then there are  two relatively un known musicians in Howie Spring on Bass and Connor Spring on Drums.

Although for this release the band have Heavens Basement's Chris Rivers who guests  just for this EP on the Drums.

So with such a pedigree you get a release of groove inspired Rock, for dancing on tables , swinging from Chandeliers and just having a damn good Party, I MEAN PARTY!   “Are You Ready ”opens up this work of art and it  gave me goose bumps the first time I heard it, it's superlative and delicious the melodic tones and amazing riffs grab a hold of you, taking  you on a magical adventure of hard Rocking abandonment.

"Dreaming" is a song that should be flying high in the National Charts its a fine hard rocking tune that deserves to be heard it will be as will all the songs.


The super addictive and pulsating “Don’t Follow Me” is going to be a sure fire winner live with its “Woah Woahs” and catchy scintillating sound ,it will please your ears and have you dancing and singing this chorus til you are hoarse! Without a doubt my favourite track on here ,this song will get everyone moving in any venue.  

“Pretty Little Thing” I wasn’t too sure about at first , if I am honest it just reminded me soooo much of the hair Metal days, which is epic but ya know its dated, then my oh my the guitar solo captures you and  delves deep into your brain , it grows and grows on you, it won’t leave your head for days.

This is yet another song that’s gonna be a killer live! And probably an encore number , excellent!

"Superstitous" is fist pumping and has a  hellish delivery which will leave you simply gobsmacked and over rawed.

The first single from the EP is next "Steal Your Crown"  you can see why this was chosen it's catchy melodic curves will again have you singing and dancing as the band continue to beguile and draw you in with their superb lyrics, and immense guitars, this is pure   Kick ass, head shaking, skydiving naked outta an aeroplane Classic Rock!


Final song " All I Want"  cracks into action and ignities the flames of Rock N Roll glory, it's heads down no nonsense  boogie as the band make a telling statement. The lyrics are kind of introspective but have a helter skelter feel of the ups and downs of life and the future but always having something to believe in! Namely  ROCK! , this song is living the dream ,getting old but still keeping the Rock n Roll flame alive , the riffs are contagious , the music  flows into your blood stream  your heart  beats faster ,and you hail these hugely talented musicians.

Its  the final track and one like the whole EP You will  keep  playing  it again , and again!



Back in The day when Thunder first hit the scene with “Back Street Symphony” I remember playing that Album till I wore the tape out! Yeah am that old! But anyway they hit a nerve with their Rocking good time, hard hitting and captivating lyrics and Departed give me the same feeling of wonderment, excitement and awe, it’s been a while since I have felt so enthused about a Rock band from these shores even more so from the area I was brought up in , the South West of England. On this debut EP the band really deliver the whole package in every chord that’s struck and lyric that’s sung.   

This band have a hell of a  destiny ahead of them, this is a shit hot EP that you would be insane to ignore!


Review:Seb Di Gatto   Score:9/10      Facebook 



1.Are You Ready


3.Pretty Little Thing

4.Dont Follow Me


6.Steal Your Crown

7.All I Want


Mark Pascall  Vocals /Guitar (Empire of Fools)
Ben Brookland    Lead Guitar (The Treatment)
Howie  Spring  Bass  
Connor Spring  Drums




The Metal Gods Meltdown

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