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                                                                                                                       Devil Driver

                                                                                                       Trust No One                                      

                                                                                                       Label: Napalm Records

                                                                                                       Release Date:13th May  2016  

"Trust No One“" is Devildrivers Seventh Album and by far the bands best release to date, it's dynamic , dynamite delivery will leave you spellbound and in unbridled awe , this is  fantastic , love them or hate them, this album will  seduce you  , and blow your fucking brains out!

Thankfully Devildriver have come a long long way from their Nu Metal roots and continue to push the boundaries with   their uncompromising, unrestrained, potent  music and "Trust No One"“  continues the bands drive into heavier and more brutal  territories .

"Testimony of Truth“" opens proceedings  welcoming you with lyrics that will be spat out by the bands adoring crowds, this is one infernal opening with melodic dynamism , the  lyrics are intense and vitriolic , the bullets of this song  bury themselves deep .

"Bad Deeds“ expectorates  it's anger  straining every muscle in your body this is fast , one powerful tune  with some destructive and ground shaking drumming emanating from Austin D`Amends Drums.


My Night Sky“  instantly hits you with its blood curdling vocals, for me it transports you to a forbidding, cold forest in the middle of the night , as the song goes through its various stages it has a macabre quality to it, Fafara truly plays with your imagination on this song.

"This Deception"“ opens with a sound that reminds you of a angry hornets nest  which has been shaken , stirred and then landed on your head its brutality stings .  

Tracks six and seven steal the Album for me ,they are both remarkable , a full on mix of Melodic Death Metal Insanity that stand above the other awesome songs on here.

"Daybreak"“ was the first single from this opus and its easy to see why ,it  has whetted the fans appetites.


Then the piece de resistance follows ,the title track  "Trust No One"“  is insanely addictive with its kick ass , imposing lyrics, if  you have been persecuted and fucked over  in life the lyrics will resonate  seeing you singing the chorus ,and spitting  venom at all who have fucked you over ,you really Trust No One“!!! This Album has no fillers , the brutality never lets up "“Feeling Ungodly“" and "Retribution“" continue to spit the bile and venom of an annoyed Rattle Snake  injecting the venom ,ravaging your body and infecting your mind with how great this release is!

Then the final song" For What its Worth“ ends proceedings its dynamic , head banging brutality ,smashing your skull with  hammer blows and acidic vocals its a great end to yet another stellar release this year. 


Also the Album has two Bonus tracks !! 

So: Dez Fafara has stated this about „Trust No One“  "I hope you turn it the fuck up and enjoy this record from start to finish" Well we definitely did !!! And Being honest I was always on the fence about Devildriver but having listened to this Album and a few of the bands more recent Albums  the fence has long collapsed and shattered into splinters! I am now  a full on fan of DevilDriver  and cant wait to see them live !


Review: Seb Di Gatto   Score :9/10 



1.Testimony of Truth

2.Bad Deeds

3. My Night Sky

4.This Deception

5. Above It All


7.Trust No One

8.Feeling Ungodly


10.For What It’s Worth

11.House Divided (Bonus Track)

12.Evil Of Swift Wings (Bonus Track) 



- Dez Fafara - Vocals - Mike Spreitzer - Guitar - Neal Tiemann - Guitar - Diego Ibarra - Bass - Austin D'Amond - Drums


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