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                                                                     Dew Scented
                                                             Insurgent   Metal Blade

Dew Scented have been on the scene for 20 years and so, by way of a celebration they have released nineteen tracks  of live music, including bonus tracks and some cover songs.  The album opens with three new tracks 'Confronting Entrophy' races out of the traps and doesn't let up.  'Guided By The Dead Light' and 'Sadistic Sinner' brutalise and bombard you with fast and furious abandonment. 


Following on from the new releases we are led into seven live tracks from their 2012 tour, the sound is excellent and you could really be there!  'Sworn To Obey' from the bands last album 'Icarus' opens the proceedings and the bands history comes flooding back with malicious,  deadly riff's and so the bands history is laid bare.  'Cities Of The Dead' and 'Acts of Rage' stand out and bristle with anger and immense energy.


The final third of the album is comprised of bonus tracks and cover songs interpreted by these thrash masters they cover: Prong, Incubus, Powermad and Wasted Youth.  The Powermad version of 'Slaughterhouse' works really well, as does the version of Wasted Youth 'Good Day For a Hanging'.  It is really powerful, but the best cover without a doubt has to be 'The Storm', it's heavy as hell and it's delivery is neck breaking and super fast.  The only slower track on here is 'Recall the Pain' which is also top notch.


I feel this album will be snapped up by the loyal die hard fans of Dew Scented, it's a quality release of 77 minutes and if you love your thrash and haven't come across Dew Scented before, now's the time to make up for that and grab a hold of 'Insurgent', it's worth getting and is a really value for money album.

Review by: Seb Di Gatto



1. Confronting Entropy
2. Guided By The Dead Light
3. Sadistic Sinner
4. Sworn To Obey
5. Turn To Ask
6. Soul Poison
7. Storm Within
8. Cities Of The Dead
9. Never To Return
10. Acts Of Rage
11. In Dying Mode
12. Steady Decline
13. No Spiritual Surrender
14. Good day For A Hanging
15. The Storm
16. Recall The Pain
17. The Death Of Common Sense
18. Slaughterhouse
19. Superstar Destroyer







The Metal Gods Meltdown

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