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                                                                                                Label:Prosthetic Records /Metal Blade
                                                                                                Release Date:15th June 2015  
Dewscented not so long ago celebrated their twentieth anniversary ,they return with a new release  "Intermination" its a sterling offering to please their hardcore fans and also those curious about these German Thrashing Monsters.

Opening with the often used acoustic guitar then powering up to a Metal crescendo is 'Declaration of Intent' and boy do these Teutonic Metllers deliver with "On A Collision Course" its full of spiteful venom and skull smashing brutality and was the debut release single to whet the congregation's appetites, these German masters of bedlam continue the deliration with "Scars of Insanity" the blades of Metal sharpness puncture, and gorge themselves on the worlds souls , leaving a vast trauma on the uninitiated responding to Dew Scenteds beckoning call.


The Death  growls  and passionate ferocity does not let up as you progress though the album its  a mosh-pit frenzy of hate and aggression that continues  to   penetrate your brain on every track.

Standout track for me has to be "Demon Seed" the build up makes the hairs on your neck bristle then the viciousness takes over ,and bruises your mind with death defying aggression and malevolence.

'PowerSurge' has so much energy and goes for the jugular, while spinning you around in a fury of mental riffs and unbridled madness.


'Reborn' is ferocious and  one of the most savage numbers on  'Intermination'(which features a guest appearance by Exhorder/Trouble vocalist Kyle Thomas) , with Death Metal growls, merciless drumming, and psychotic hatred, this and the aforementioned 'Demon Seed' make this album in my opinion. None of the songs  disappoint.


The final two numbers are covers of Solstice and Repulsion songs and more than do them full justice.  So to sum up, if you love your thrash with some Death Metal influences, grab hold of a copy of ''Intermination".


I read a pointless review  where someone moans about the sound quality ..for gawds sake  this is a thrash album put it on and mosh , windmill and have a good time ,if you love early Slayer, Testament and are new to Dew scented, well do the right thing and acquaint yaselfs with this band ! 

These German thrashers have proudly past their  twenty year history marker and continue to deliver no holds barred  Metal that takes no quarter , ravaging the hordes, condemning  them to  damnation

Review by: Seb Di Gatto   Score: 9/10


1. Declaration of Intent
2. On a Collision Course
3. Scars of Creation
4. Affect Gravity
5. Means To An End
6. Ode to Extinction
7. Demon Seed
8. Power Surge
9. Ruptured Perpetuality
10. Living Lies
11. Atavistic
12. Reborn*
13. Those Who Will Not See
14. Survival Reaction (Solstice Cover)
15. Radiation Sickness (Repulsion cover)


Lineup: Leif Jensen – Vocals
Rory Hansen – Guitars
Marvin Vriesde – Guitars
Joost Van Der Graaf – Bass
Koen Herfst – Drums


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