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                                                                                                      The Decieved

 From the Netherlands we have Dictated, this band have been around since 2006 and released a previous album on an independent label they have now taken the massive step up and signed for Metal giants Metal Blade and released “The Deceived”.

Now I am not a Death Metal aficionado and had never heard of this band before, well I am so glad I have now, the album is nine tracks of brutality which destroys your ear drums and pummels you senseless!

Opening with  an instrumental that gears you up for the impending onslaught of   annihilation  and a  monstrous voice from the pits of damnation telling you he’s going to rip your head off  , you know ya  in for a brutal rollercoaster ride.


The five piece smash into  your skull with a studded sledgehammer   with “This is to All “   Sonja and Jessica on guitars lay waste to all who get in their way  , York’s vocals growl , grimace and shatter glass, cutting and  grinding into Henris bass on the superb “No Absolution”  this is deep and ferocious ,  a killer track  which leads to my favourite on here the aptly  named “The Basher” this will see mosh pits explode , bodies thrown around the room and heads bashed into delirium as Michiels drums  keep the threatening and menacing beat.


Sinews are stretched and growls from deepest hell emanate throughout this album. The excellent “No Mercy for Cowards” was the first single  from “The Deceived” and its aggressive savagery is vicious and unrelenting.  

What I like about this band is the vocals are growled and understandable the deep and slow channelled groove metal produced by the band sinks into your whole body and you are transported into Death Metal Mastery by these lowland maestros. 


All the tracks stand out for me but the penultimate track “They Suffer, They Die” is another favourite on this 36 minute assault of death induced metal mayhem!

This band has a hell of a future and really have produced an album of excellence, not just the sound, but the exceptional artwork as well which was

designed by the bands guitarist Sonja.

Check the Metal Gods Meltdown for over in-depth interview and more importantly grab a hold of “The Deceived”!                   


Review : Seb Di Gatto                                                                     


1. Forced into Dismay

2. This is to All

3.No Absolution

4.The Basher

5. No Mercy for Cowards

6 .Dispossession

7.The Deceived

8.  Stonebreakers Rising

9.They Live, They Suffer, They Die

10.Rail of Death









The Metal Gods Meltdown

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