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                                                          Dictated Interview


MG: Great to meet you, I Would like to congratulate you on your album "The Deceived".

It is totally Awesome!

Do you have any personal favorites on it?

Sonja:Hi Seb, Sonja here.

Nice to meet you too.
Yes, I think I have a personal favourite which is The Basher.

Although yesterday we rehearsed for our liveshows and I must say I also like Dispossession a lot!

Fortunately all of our members have a different taste, so we like all the songs, haha.

MG: I know its only just been released but whats the response been like to the new album from the media and fans?
Sonja :It has been mindblowing!

When you start recording an album and you got the final master in your hands, the artwork is finished and you believe all you have done all within your power to create the complete picture, you never know what the audience, fans, media and reviewers might say. At the end of the recording sessions, it’s hard to tell right from wrong.

By that time you’ve played all the songs a million times. It’s slightly nerve-racking when it is released.
I’ve read amazing reviews, where the reviewers gave us 9 out of 10! And I’m very happy to read that our fans appreciate/like/love the album as well.
We feel we’ve made great progress since our first album and other interviewers/reviewers notice that as well.

MG: I understand  Yourself and Jessica  met the other guys during a heavy drinking session and it led to the formation of  the band and this is your debut for Metal Blade!
Whats are the bands feelings about being with a major label in the industry?
Sonja: Oh yes, that heavy drinking session, haha!
A dream come true! We’ve always dreamt of getting signed with a major label and Metal Blade is definitely a major label! We are proud to be on the bill amongst legends as well! We can only make good/better progress for our future with chances like these and we intend to use them as such!

MG:So do you still return to the same pub for song ideas and inspiration? or any pub !  
Sonja: As a matter of fact yes! We will have our first releaseshow in the Venue/pub where we first got together: Simplon – Groningen! I haven’t even considered that, thank you.We got together with York in an Irish bar in Zwolle (excellent choice) I’m sure new inspirations, ideas and songs will flow from the Simplon bar again. Or any bar for that matter!

MG: The artwork is stunning on the album did you guys help design it?
Sonja: Thank you! I took the pictures for the artwork and York managed to finalise them into the end product as it is now, so we’ve managed to do it on our own.
We were fortunate to be able to create our own artwork which we gathered from the lyrics. The idea of actually seeing/visualizing what the lyrics are about, was a great opportunity.

York and I also write the lyrics for the songs, so we were able to translate the songs into the artwork. The original pictures are quite ferocious.

MG:I know this album is new but are plans in progress already for a follow up?
Sonja: Yes! From getting the inspiration from the same bar again haha J Yessica and I are already working on writing new lyrics, and hopefully for a full album again.

We feel we are on our way and making great steps towards our musical careers. Always be the best in what you do.
But, in the meantime, we should enjoy The Deceived and whatever it can bring for/to us.

MG: What can we expect from A dictated show?

Sonja: Energy! Great power and energy! We haven’t been on stage for over a year, due to the writings, recordings and preparing for the release shows, that you can understand we are slightly nervous. But that will be out the door as soon as we hit our first notes!
The people can expect all the new songs from the album, but also songs from the former album and promo.
Oh and a kick in the face!

MG: Plans for the rest of the year?
Sonja: Tours, gigs, festivals, photoshoots, interviews etc! Right now we are working on creating a videoclip which we will create with a new style of producer.

This time we’ve given in a thought to create a new idea or give a new perspective on a videoclip.

As from now it’s still at its creative developing stage, but will soon be taken into production.
And writing new songs, obviously!

MG: What have you guys been listening to recently ?
Sonja:I’m sure we haven’t changed our band preference much.

I’m very excited to hear some new Skinless albums, got to hear the new Origin which is mindblowing, Dying Fetus and Misery Index as well.

We visit many festivals to see live shows from our favourite bands which is an easy task for us in a small country like The Netherlands.
Other than that, anything the internet can provide us with. Don’t mind a bit of chill music here and there.

MG: Growing up what  first got you into Metal?
Sonja:Personally: I was 12 and a friend handing me a cassette tape of Dissection, which was Storm of the lights bane. At that time, I’d never heard anything so dark and angry. I think after that everything changed. It took me a while to find the genre of metal I was really enjoying. Went through some musical faces nobody needs to know about, haha. I’m sure a lot can relate to that. And I ended up with the bands I’ve mentioned before. I guess my mom stopped calling it ‘it’s a face’ after I turned 22 and gave up hope.

MG: Silly Question: Edam Cheese, Windmills or Beer?
Sonja: Steak? Is that an option too? Hehe. Alright alright, the obvious: Beer!

MG: Four words to describe Dictated ?
Sonja: Deathmetal (one word), beers, energy and unicorns

MG: Final words for your fans
Sonja:Thank you very much for all who took the time to read the interview.

I hope you enjoyed it and hope to see you back on stage!












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